August 26, 2011

This Week In FB Posts

We ran at a breakneck speed all summer.  That was not our intention, but somehow it happened that way.  Since school started last week, things have been so much more relaxed.  This slower pace has been strange and it's made for a weird week.  Or maybe it's just that when I try to slow down, my brain has too much time to create ridiculousness.  Here's a little look back at the week as documented by facebook statuses:

*today my daughter told me that her brothers are 1% evil and 99% hot gas.

*I know it's immature, but I find it comical that the name of the syrup we currently have in the house is called "morning delight".

*this morning I saw a mouse. And like every good cliched woman, I jumped up on the chair and started screaming. Then I grabbed a broom. Not sure what I thought I was going to do with the broom, but years of TV has taught me that a woman on a chair fearing for her life from said mouse must have a broom.

*while I was busy doing Miles' hair this afternoon, the other children thought it would be a good idea to empty a bottle of soap in the bathroom so they could "skate" to Lady GaGa music. God help them. Seriously- God, I mean it. You better help them.

*“Most men are very attached to their penises,”- a quote in our local paper today. Ummmm, duh?!

*When I asked the boys what they wanted to do today one said, "I wanna twy to poop in da gwass." The other said, "I wanna eat a gump stick". (not even sure what that is) Whoever said that kids lack ambition these days has obviously not met Noah and Miles.

*just watched the sunrise with Noah. What a blessing that boy is to me!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope you take the time to enjoy a sunrise and a gump stick or two!

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