September 10, 2011

Catching Up

Wouldn't life be so much easier if moms got sick days?  I think that I got a total of only 5 sick hours over the last two weeks while dizziness and nausea took over my body- which is probably why it's taking me so long to get over it!  In addition, we've had a whole lot going on over the last few weeks!  These children are hitting all kinds of milestones!

Miles had his first day of headstart preschool.  He LOVES school.  I mean, he REALLY loves school.  He wakes up clapping and begging to go to school.  He thinks that riding the bus is the best thing that has ever happened to him.  It has caused an insane amount of regression at home, but I'm hoping that once he gets adjusted that he will go back to "normal".  I wanted him to go desperately.  He needs to be in situations where he can practice being around other children without seeing them as competition and he needs to be given opportunities to see that mommy always comes back even if I'm gone for a couple of hours.  Plus- in all seriousness, this kid is just as high maintenance as he is cute and I NEED the three hours a day that he's at school to keep my sanity.  He has a great IEP and awesome therapists and teachers so I have high hopes that this whole things will turn out great...eventually.

Noah also started preschool.  He has his same super sweet teacher that he had last year and his three best friends are in his class as well.  I should say, his three best girl friends.  He spent twenty minutes gelling and fixing his hair for the first day.  And yes, he has a puppy dog binder.  I'm just letting him be himself and he's totally into that puppy dog binder (and hair gel). 

A certain little girl lost another tooth and got her gold belt in tae kwon do!

The mister and I celebrated nine years of marriage this week.  We went to celebrate at a fondue restaurant because nothing spells romance like dipping stuff into chocolate. 

And to top off the week, our tiny town had our fall festival.  We rode our bikes to the festival and reveled in how awesome small town living is.  Then we went to the fall parade.  The front of our neighborhood is right at the beginning of the parade route.  What this means is that all the little children who have bags of candy to throw out are over eager and my children come home with more candy than on Halloween.  This also means that they are wound up and cranky and I'm thinking of making them go to bed before dinner because I just can't take the sugar crash craziness any longer!  Maybe someone will put me to bed early as well!  A girl can dream can't she? 

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