September 20, 2011


*  I'm finally feeling a little bit better!  It's such a huge sigh of relief to be semi functional again!

*  I took my daughter to an informational meeting about Girl Scouts.  The woman leading the meeting said that we couldn't have a troop unless at least 2 or 3 moms stepped up to lead it.  Which means that we all sat there looking at each other in silence for the next 15 minutes waiting for someone to cave and say they'll do it.  Several times Sadie nudged me and said, "Mom.  They  mean you.  You are supposed to raise your hand."  I pretended like I couldn't hear her. 

* Many, many, many (like a crazy amount) of my in real life friends have announced over the last few weeks that they are adopting!  Which is awesome.  For some of them it's kid number 5 or 6 or 8.  For some it's the first baby.  In all the situations I am so overjoyed for them that I can hardly contain myself.  I get positively giddy thinking about children coming home.  But part of me is also very jealous.  I see us with a little, brown girl with a head full of braids and snaps coming to us by way of the foster care system and because it's not happening right this minute, I feel a bit jealous.  Actually a lot jealous.  Man, I HATE jealousy!  But, I'm hoping that this is a good lesson in patience for me.  As Kamron's grandma says, "Lord, Give me patience, and give it to me NOW!"

* Not that I'm in any position to give parenting advice, but a friend of mine suggested that we give this idea a try and it has changed my life.  Each kid now has their own hanging closet organizer.  In each little cubby, you have everything you need to complete one outfit, down to the sock, undies and accessories.  This way, they can just grab the entire contents of one cubby and have everything they need to get ready for school.  This handy idea has made all the difference in our morning routine.  No one freaks out about where a missing shirt is or how they can't find their socks.  I load it up on Saturday or Sunday and we are good to go for the entire week.

Ignore the rest of the closet mess.  This is as good as it gets around here!  :-)

* My mom moved a mile down the street from me.  Not in that creepy sort of Everybody Loves Raymond way, but in that, "Mom, I'm running late!  Can you run to my house and get the kids off the bus" kind of way.  This is going to be A-mazing!  Luckily, she called in the first favor by having me run to her new house to let the refrigerator delivery guys in.  I also delivered dinner to her house last night in hopes that when I call in the next 25 neighborly "favors" she'll remember that I make the best lasagna on the planet and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get another pan of it.  I wonder how long it will take before one of the children realizes that they can run away to GranMary's?  I give it two weeks.  I'm so lucky to have such a cute, fun mom! 

* Speaking of parents, I went out on a date with my dad last week.  We very rarely go out without the kids because the kids are so crazy about their Papaw Johnny that they don't let that happen very much.  Every since my parents got divorced, I've taken on the role of shopping for my dad's clothes for him.  He takes me out to dinner and I play Rachel Zoe for a night twice a year.  It is truly fabulous.  I took my dad out for his first cup of St@rbucks foo foo coffee and one of us *may* have made the shocking confession that they cried the last time they saw Dirty Dancing.  I'm so proud of the awesome grandpa that my dad has become.  Even though I was a daddy's girl to the core, my father will be the first to admit that he wishes he would have done a lot of things differently in raising his children.  He's more than righting those wrongs with his grandchildren.  It makes my heart smile every time I see him with my kids.  And one of my favorite things about him?  He never talks about my mother with anything but pure respect.  How many children of divorce can say that one?  I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a great relationship with my mom and dad.

* Last Friday night, Sadie and I and her BFF and her BFF's mom went to a book signing.  Lisa Yee (who wrote the latest American Girl books) was in our town.  Ms. Yee gave the girls a great talk about how they can be whatever they want to be and how they always have the freedom to change their minds.  As a mother, I love having other strong women deliver this message to my baby girl!  I think us moms had more fun than the little girls.  We pretty much giggled like 8 year olds and acted completely inappropriate and embarrassed our daughters.  It was glorious!

Sadie and author Lisa Yee
After the book signing, we went to a great area of town and had the city's best gelato.  There was a little festival going on and Sadie and her friend practiced their dance moves and ate their gelato and pretended to have brain freeze.
Those girls are so sweet and fun!  But the fun turned sour when at 1am, Sadie came downstairs to our bedroom sick as a dog.  I thought it was just too much junk food, but by the next day she had a full blown stomach bug, which she has so graciously shared with the middle little.  But even when she's sick and in bed for three days, she's still just so darn cute!

Before the middlest came down with the dreaded stomach bug, I was able to con him into a foot massage during the big UK/UL game.  That boy loves his mama!
 * There's a little giveaway going on over at the Millions of Miles Facebook page.  The giveaway benefits the Hendersons as they prepare to bring home their son from Ethiopia!

* I'm off to care for sick kidlets!  I feel terrible that they all feel so crummy, but is it bad that I secretly kinda like when they are calm and quiet and just want to lay on the couch and snuggle all day?

The view outside our front door last week! 

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