September 06, 2011

A little update

No- I haven't died!  I'm dealing with a terrible bout of vertigo that makes the room turn sideways and spin to the left until I'm so disoriented, I end up heaving in the bathroom! (Like you really wanted to know that!) I'll liken it to drinking 4 margaritas and then jumping into bed only to find that the bed spins around all Exorcist style.  Not good at all!  It is typically made worse by staring at the computer.  The last time this happened to me, it lasted about 10 days.  So hopefully it won't last too much longer!  Until then, I am on a self imposed blogging break!  I haven't read a blog or kept up with Facebook or Twitter at all in well over a week, so I feel like I'm living in a bubble where no information can travel in or out!  It's a little cuh-razy!  Here's to hoping this bout ends soon! 

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