September 23, 2011

The One Where I Realize I'm Getting Dumber and Skelebob Visits

My kids are out of school today for teacher development.  The mister took the day off of work because we were planning on taking the littles camping tonight.  However, a couple of things happened to derail our plans.  One, it's pouring down rain.  And two, Super SkeleBOB is visiting.

BOB is what we sometimes call Noah because he is so skinny.  It stands for Bag Of Bones.  One day he decided that BOB was not cool enough and declared that his name was Skelebob.  Of course we thought that it was hilarious and the name stuck like glue.  But this week he's had a terrible stomach virus (compliments of his sister) and over the course of three short days, he lost over 15% of his body weight.  You can see every vertebrae in his back.  His knees look like rocks with toothpicks coming out the bottom.  He's so thin that I'm surprised he can even walk.  When he turns sideways, he almost disappears, thus we added the "Super" to skelebob making him Super Skelebob.  So camping in the rain is absolutely out of the realm of possibility for him.  Since today is the first day that he's not carrying a barf bowl around with him, we are going to begin our mission of bulking him back up to his regular BOB status. 

So what do you do on a day where it's raining and the whole family is cooped up together?  If you're nerdy like us, you play geography apps.

When Miles realizes that there is a camera around, he instantly turns it on.  We are changing his middle name to "Look At Me".
I thought that I would kill the rest of the fam on the state capitals.  After all, I once aced a test on the state capitals in the 5th grade (20 something years ago) and I truly believed that I would have retained every single bit of that information.  On the first run through, we knew the capital of the state that we lived in and only a handful of others.  I mean seriously- those New England states gave us fits.  Some people joke that teenagers think they know everything, but I really think that I knew a whole lot more back then.  I'm getting dumber in my old age.  Now my brain is jumbled up with all kinds of useless knowledge like "one scoop of formula for every 2 ounces of water" and "stick a lemon in the disposal when it starts to stink".  There's no room left for knowing that Pierre is the capital of South Dakota.  It's been pushed out by mommy junk.  I think I should just stick to Angry Birds and fattening up Skelebobs.

Hope you have a great weekend! 

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