October 03, 2011

Adoption Fundraiser Linkup!

From time to time, I love to give families raising money for their adoptions a place to link up all the cool things that they are doing to raise the ransom for their kiddos! One of the most awesome things about being a part of the adoption community is that this community rallies around one another to help overcome one of the biggest obstacles to adopting : money.  I don't know about you, but I love seeing a child come home and knowing that I was a part of creating a family.  I truly don't know of many better ways to spend my money.

A couple of my fave fundraisers going on right now are:

This super cute baby blanket made with Congolese fabric.  You can bid on this sweet, soft blankie (and another one in girly girl colors by clicking HERE!) 

I'm also loving these African cards and keychains.  I'm planning on framing my packet of cards and hanging them all over my house.  Seriously- cheapest artwork imaginable and it helps bring home some darling twin girls!  Win/Win!
Both of these items can be purchased by clicking HERE

And who doesn't love some Ugandan Paper Bead Necklaces?  Give me a string of paper beads over a string of pearls any day! 

You can get your necklaces by clicking HERE

If you've got a fundraiser going on right now please feel free to link it up!  Or if you know of a family who is raising funds, link their fundraiser up for them.  It's a great way to let others share in the joy of helping to create a family.  All you need to do, is type your name and URL (link that goes to the fundraiser webpage) into the widget.  For the name section, please use a brief description of what your selling. (ex. "Haiti Adoption T-shirts") and then the ULR that goes straight to the info for that fundraiser- not to a blog homepage.  Let's spread the word and bring some kiddos home!

All links not associated with an adoption fundraiser will be removed.

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