October 25, 2011

Cereal Carnage

This little girl is especially cute...
...about 98% of the time.  The other 2% of the time she's just a little too slick for her own good.

Last night, I lost my voice completely.  I could barely speak above a whisper and I was completely wiped out.  I was half flaked out on the couch when I heard a crash and then the subsequent rolling of crunchy little corn balls hitting the floor- after I had said no snacks and pronouced it time for bed.  This is the scene that I walked in on...

I believe that the girl though if she acted like a cute little tiger while sitting amongst the wreckage that she would appear too darling to get in trouble.  I handed her the broom and I said in my meanest mom whisper, "Sweep up this floor and put all that cereal in the trash!"

My mean mom whisper is obviously not as effective as my mean mom everyday yell because after I hustled the kids to bed and walked back into the kitchen, it still looked like this...

So I marched upstairs and waved my finger around and I mustered up as much sound as I could get out of my mouth.  "What is that giant pile of cereal still doing on the floor!?"

To which the little darling replied, "Isn't it cool?  I made Texas! And I left it there for Daddy to see because I knew he'd be so proud!"

  Damn that states and their capitals app we downloaded last week.  *Sigh* 

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