October 06, 2011

Megan 301

In keeping with the yearly tell alls, here is the follow-up to Megan 101 and Megan 201.  This installment is called 301 because I have no idea how college courses are numbered, so I'm just winging it- like pretty much every thing else I do in life!  Here's to fifty rediculously random facts about yours truly.

1. I like my coffee black and lukewarm.

2. When I first got married, I used my husband as a pillow.  Then I got pregnant and needed a real pillow.  Then I got pregnant again and needed another pillow to hug up on.  Now, I can't sleep unless I have an entire pillow nest built all around me like a fortress. 

3. My favorite soup is potato.  Which I pronounce PO-TAY-TOE. (You know, the right way)

4. I don't eat tomatoes, but I love ketchup with a passion that is unrivaled.

5. I can not lie down on my left side or I get sick.

6. One of my favorite books of the Bible is James because it is so convicting.  I also believe that children should still memorize Bible verses.

7. Most people get more conservative as they get older.  I think that I tend to get more socially liberal.

8. I have only read a handful of books in the last year.  I used to read at least 3 a week.  Now it just takes too much effort to read.  And think.  Thinking past 8 pm is not allowed in my house.

9. My neighbor and I used to eat each others strands of hair when we were in the first grade.  It grosses me all the way out to even think about it, even if she did have the most beautiful hair on the planet.  I still can't figure out why we thought that eating each other's hair was a mark of a strong friendship.

10. When I grow up I want to be a midwife, an author, an event planner, a professional reality tv watcher, or an E! News correspondent.

11. My favorite musical artist for the last several years has been Brandi Carlile.  Her music is so inspiring to me.

12. My seven year old is smarter than me by leaps and bounds.

13. I'm a morning person.  I peak around 11 am.  It's all downhill from there.

14. When I was a young kid, I took honesty to the extreme- which explains why my dad wanted to kill me when I went with him to trade in his truck and I said very loudly in front of the dealer, "DAD!  Did you remember to tell him that the windows won't roll down and that the brakes don't work and that the door gets jammed?"

15. My family owned a produce market and I worked there all through high school.  I loved working there because it meant that I got to spend time with my dad. 

16. I wrecked my first car seven times in the first year I had my license.  Drive it until the wheels come off is not just an expression.

17. My husband does not allow me to blog about our marriage.  Or sex.  Those are the only two things off limits.

18. I get really excited when I go to the doctor's office and no one has tackled the Highlights hidden picture page with a pen yet.  Seriously- who does that?  They ruin it for everyone!

19. I get terrible horrible anxiety about public speaking.  Mostly it's because I'm worried that I'll need a translator because of my accent.  I almost always can be found puking in the bathroom before a big public talk.

20. I'm a bad prayer.  I try really hard to get better at it but it always starts something like this: "God, thank you for these kids.  You really blessed me beyond belief with them. Be with Sadie while she takes that big test tomorrow. Oh no?  Did I sign her agenda book for school?  Wait.  Yes, now I remember.  I was getting ready to put the laundry in the dryer and then left that to go sign the book.  Crap.  I should get up and put the laundry in the dryer.  No!  I'm praying.  God..."  I need a prayer intervention.

21. I changed my daughter's name when she was 3 weeks old.  All of our videos say "Welcome to the world, baby Abby".  She even has an "Abby's first Christmas" ornament that we hang on the tree every year.  It just never was the right name for her.

22. I spend way too much time on the Internet.  I always vow that I will cut back and do something that really matters with my time, but I just find it hard to give up.

23. There are a few websites that I check every morning before my kids get up:  Facebook, twitter, People.com, the news in Congo and groupon.

24. My love for Diet Pepsi is unmatched, but my second favorite drink is iced tea sweetened with Stevia.

25. I gain at least five pounds every candy corn season.  And yes- in my  mind, candy corn has it's own season.

26. I look forward to my children going to school every day, which I'm pretty sure makes me the worst mom ever.

27. I only make my bed when we are having company.

28. When I go to museums or zoos, I like to walk around and get the broad picture.  It is in direct conflict with my husband who likes to read every single sign in front of every single exhibit. 

29. My love language is "acts of service". 

30. I've recently started a collection of nativity sets from all over the world.  I always wanted to collect something and this seems like just as good of a thing as any.  Right now, I only have sets from Congo, Uganda and Mexico but I really cherish those sets.  So if you go somewhere super cool and find a great set, remember me ;-)  In my Congolese set, Jesus looks oddly catlike.

31. I went through a serious hippy phase when I was in the eighth grade.  It caused me to have the names of my eight hypothetical children written down on a piece of paper.  They were all named after flowers:  Lily, Daisy, Astor, Ivy, etc.  There were seven girls with flower names and one boy named Forest. 

32. That brings me to Forest Gump, which was the first movie that I ever saw with a boy (on a group date).  I left my hand awkwardly dangling palm up and sweaty during the whole movie and that boy never tried to hold it.  It was like sitting through two hours of pure rejection. 

33. I had my first kiss on August 10, 1994 when I was thirteen.  It happened in my driveway.  It was also his first kiss and therefore it will be remembered as the weirdest, most awkward first kiss ever.  It truly was the kind of kiss you'd give your grandma.  I remembered thinking afterwards, "Why do people even do that?  It's so dumb!"

34. I'm allergic to cats, horses and anything that can remotely be classified as nature.  I take allergy shots every week as well as gulp down decongestants like they are candy.

35. I spent my entire 20's (and teens) worried about what other people thought about my body.  It was a huge waste of time and one of the biggest regrets I have in life.

36. I was in 2 serious and 2 semi-serious relationships before I met and fell in love with my husband.

37. My littlest cousins couldn't say "Megan" when they were small so there was a multi year period of time where everyone in my family called me "Mango".

38. I had lice once in elementary school.  It was torturous.  I also had big bangs and big bows that I wore in my lice ridden hair.

39. Having both given birth and adopted, I can say without a doubt, that adoption has changed me more and is one of the things that I am most proud of doing with my life.

40. The first song that I ever slow danced to was Celine Dion's "The Power of Love" at a middle school dance.  I was embarrassed by that fact, so I told all of my middle school friends at the time that it was "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men.  Later in life, that moment would come full circle when I was waiting tables and two of the members of Boyz II Men's band sat at my table.  It is one of my only claims to fame.

41. Except for my other claim to fame... when I was 4 my parents were obsessed with the show Hee Haw.  We saw Misty Row at Cracker Barrel once and my parents made me go over and get her autograph.

42. I keep all my old love letters in a box and from time to time I pull them out and read them and get such a kick out of teenage romance.

43. People always expect me to be, but I'll just lay it out there:  I am NOT funny in person.  In fact, for the first several years of our marriage, we joked that there were only three times that I told jokes that were funny enough to make my husband laugh.

44. Also in those early days of marriage, we liked to sit around and make up new words.  The are only a few that stuck.  One of those is "poonchka" (Which means something that is like a ball, but not really a ball) and "sporangy" (Which means, misty and overcast, but not stormy.)  We still use these words in our everyday conversations.  Also- I'm still waiting for "What the freckle?!" to catch on.  I've always wanted to be someone who started the next big phrase.  Who ever came up with "It's the bomb" is my hero.

45. In many ways, as bubble gummy as this will sound, writing this blog saved me.  It started at a time in life where I felt lost and hungry for something.  It gave me an outlet and made me feel like my voice mattered when I felt like I had lost all the things that made me me.  It has helped me make some of the strongest friendships that I have and helped me feel whole in ways that I never thought possible.  I am eternally grateful for the people who read it everyday and who take the time to comment and share their lives with  me.  But I would still keep writing it, even if I was the only person who could see it.

46. Tommy Lee and Anderson Cooper are still on my celebrity crush list, but recently I've added Dr. Drew Pinsky and Robert Downy Jr.

47. My family has been severely affected by the diseases of alcoholism and addiction and I am extremely sypathetic to families who walk that road.

48. I was diagnosed this year with PCOS.  Which is a fancy term for crappy ovaries.  I now take medication three times a day to keep those girls in check.

49. If I had to chose only one genre of food that I had to eat every day for the rest of my life, I would choose Mexican food.

50. ahhh... 50.  Fifty reminds me of the fifty nifty United States song, and the line from Along Came Polly where Ben Stiller screams out "Fifty!" while he's ummm... you know, and the 50 cent song, "In Da Club (It's Your Birthday)"  50 also seems like the very best number to close out a list with.  The end.  :-)

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