October 09, 2011

Movie Night Wrapup!

Movie night for Congo was so much fun!  The weather was perfect, the movie was great, the bake sale goods were delish and the children running around having a good time was priceless.  Though our crowd was a little sparse, the people that were there had a major heart for the orphans in the Congo.  What amazes me the most is that there were a few families from our community who just saw our flyers around town and showed up- so we got to bring a little awareness about Congo to a whole new group of people.  After the event almost didn't fly (who knew you had to buy a $300 license to show a movie in public?  Ugh!) we still turned a little profit for the kiddos we serve.  As I looked around the park, there were children there adopted from 4 different nations and that made my heart smile the hugest smile ever.

The event could not have happened with out some seriously amazing people- so to Brandon, Scott and Monica, Daisy, Sadie, Kennethia, Scott and Darcy, Lisa and Johnny B.- you guys are the best!

Friends coming out to support a great cause!
JT and Tedi selling shirts to help bring home Tedi's brother from Ethipia!

Everyone enjoying the weather and waiting for the sun to go down so we could start the movie!
My little bake sale /concession stand goddess.

Selling goods to bring home the Wood's twins from Congo!

Raising awareness one person at a time.  Lots of people can now point out the Congo on a map!  I LOVE it!

Sweet Grace putting tickets in the raffle jars. 

My husband trying to attempt to help Brandon hook up the movie equipment.  Thanks Brandon for donating your time and expertise!

Show Time!

We had some fantastic items in our raffle!  Thanks to the following people who donated goods:
Kristie Craig Designs- Precious Stones Jewelry
Brandi Pierce- Tutus for Abigail
The Wallace's- Adoption tees and beads
Maggie Riggs- Friend's Salon
Body Evolutions- Boot Camp Passes

We are beyond blessed to have so many friends and family who love us and support our causes.  Thanks to everyone who came out and who gave generously to care for the fatherless!


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