November 24, 2011

100 Gratitudes

I'm Thankful... (in no particular order)
  1. for my awesome children (even during the 20% of the time that they get on my last nerds)
  2. for my awesome husband (even during the 8% of the time that he gets on my  last nerds)
  3. for my mom and dad who should teach classes on how to be divorced with grace
  4. for the little girl who will one day become my daughter
  5. my grandparents- especially my grandmothers who amaze me continually
  6. my in-laws (okay- most of them :-)  Just- kidding.  All of them!)
  7. the MRG's- the best group of friends a girl could ask for
  8. Jess- who has been my BFF since college and still can listen to me rant like a champ
  9. diet Pepsi
  10. enough food in our stomachs and a warm house and more that enough clothes and shoes
  11. for my husband's job and the security it provides
  12. reality television
  13. the Internet
  14. for books- especially children's books
  15. for Our Family In Africa and Jabu Africa who are doing such good work for children in DRC
  16. for the convenience of cell phones and how they make our world so small (but buy used- conflict minerals, you know!)
  17. for Christmas music... and novelty rap music
  18. to be an American and for the people who fought for my freedoms
  19. for the blogging community
  20. my minivan which not only gets me where I need to go but also makes me oh so cool
  21. for Jesus and my freedom to follow him (I should move this up the list, duh)
  22. for whoever invented cobbler, brownies, and pie
  23. for people who work in the social services fields advocating for children
  24. to have enough money to pay my bills every month
  25. to have access to food any time I want it
  26. for cheese
  27. for board games and the hours of family fun they provide.  Hello Yahtzee!
  28. for little children snuggles that are now freely given, especially those we fought hard for years to get
  29. for medical care and a rockin' pediatrician
  30. for our big crazy yellow beast of dog, Emma
  31. for a backyard and a neighborhood where my kids can run safely
  32. for my family photos.  They are so cherished.
  33. for my bathtub and the stress relief it provides.
  34. for babysitters who will take on three (and soon to be four!) children
  35. for cartoons to entertain the children when I need a minute- or lots of minutes
  36. for public school and the great teachers that my children have there and the blessings of a free education
  37. that my children have a church they love and a program they think is awesome to go to on Wednesday nights
  38. that the door on my bathroom locks so that for at least 10 minutes a day, I can get some privacy
  39. for the people who love and encourage me every day with their kind words
  40. for antidepressants
  41. for vulnerability and the unlikely friendships it creates
  42. for date nights that come few and far between but are always lovely when we get them
  43. for one on one dates with each of the children- even if it's just to the grocery store
  44. for therapists who have given my children so much time to help them be the best that they can be
  45. for our son's psychologist who helped us sooth some of his demons and make him (mostly) whole again
  46. for chocolate
  47. for my children's friends who are all such good kids
  48. for neighbors who will give you a cup of sugar or a listening ear or help you corral kids in the back yard
  49. for the opportunity to travel and take vacations on a regular basis
  50. for my microwave
  51. that I've learned (for the most part) to be okay with my own weaknesses
  52. for growing up in a small town
  53. to have been able to go to college without debt
  54. for email
  55. that I can usually laugh about it when really crappy things happen
  56. that I live in a place where we get to experience all four seasons
  57. for Eron (a little girl that I met briefly in DRC) who has changed so much about the way I live and think about life and my mission and purpose in caring for the fatherless
  58. for my dad's and my granny's farms and how walking around there makes me feel like I'm free
  59. for Facebook- which seems dumb, but is so very awesome for keeping people connected
  60. for the occasional cards and letters that still come by snail mail
  61. the opportunity to volunteer at some great places and for some great causes
  62. the kindness of strangers
  63. that I have so many things to look forward to and that life is excited and fresh each morning
  64. that one of the things my children do well each night is go to sleep.  Somehow we've managed to get three children that go right to bed when it's time without a fight.  It's one of the biggest blessings ever.
  65. for my bout with depression because it has made me stronger and more empathetic to people
  66. for life.  My mom was a pregnant teen and could have chosen a different path.  I'm glad she didn't.
  67. that my husband eventually said yes when I came to him and told him I wanted to adopt- even though it had never been on his radar
  68. for how adoption and being a part of the adoption community has changed me for the better
  69. for the opportunity to get to share our passion for orphans issues on a regular basis in front of lots of different people
  70. for our health
  71. that my parents, grandparents and even a great grandparent are still alive
  72. that there are times that I can go days and days without ever having to get out of my sweatpants
  73. that we made it through that first year with Miles and that attachment disorders did not eat us alive
  74. that we made it through the roughest years of sensory processing disorder with Noah and actually went on to add another kid despite knowing that kids can sometimes screams for years on end
  75. that I am not defined by my mistakes and for friends and family that are always willing to forgive me when I screw up
  76. that I have a husband who loves me unconditionally even though I am not the skinny girl he married and I am not always loving or even very nice
  77. for Pandora and how much cool music it brings into my life
  78. that my children are learning to give back and that they enjoy it
  79. that I am a morning person and can get my kids off to school without feeling like too much of a zombie
  80. that all my children are potty trained and that we are sooooo done with diapers in this house
  81. that I feel safe in my own house and don't have to worry about wars happening outside my front door
  82. for earplugs- which have single handedly allowed me to sleep and have kept me from having to get divorced
  83. that Noah is such a constant source of humor in my life
  84. that when I turn on the tap, clear, clean water free of parasites comes out
  85. for candy corn
  86. for hair color that helps me hang onto my youth and keeps me from being prematurely gray
  87. to have a house, that while cramped, provides everything we need
  88. for the laughter of children running around in my living room
  89. for the freedom of expression that allows me to say anything I want on this space
  90. that I had cousins to grow up with
  91. for text messaging and marathon texting sessions with my besties
  92. for my high school youth group
  93. that I have parents who tried their best to give me as many experiences as they could
  94. for a  family who values education
  95. that I will never have to know the pain of choosing to leave my child at an orphanage because poverty renders me unable to care for them
  96. for my Mamaw's homemade sourdough and banana bread and the love she puts into making it
  97. that even at times when we've had no money in the bank, we've always had each other
  98. for pansies in the spring and mums in the fall
  99. for a God who loved me so much that he sent his son to die for me.  Do you know him?
  100. for this day.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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