November 02, 2011

Here a Tidbit, There a Tidbit

Snippets of the happenings in our house:

*Halloween went off without a hitch!  Our kids had an absolute ball trick or treating with our neighbors (as is our tradition).

*After a year of not reading at all because I just couldn't hold my eyes open when I had the time- I read not one but two books this week- Kisses from Katie and The Hunger Games.  Totally on opposite ends of the spectrum.  One, about saving orphans in Uganda, the other about kids trying to off each other in this crazy gladiator type event.  Weirdness.  But both were phenomenal.

* Footed jammies make me ridiculously happy.

* My husband won "best financial advisor" in our county for the second year running.  He shrugs it off, but I think it's a huge accomplishment for a couple of reasons.  One- he's not from here and this small town is a hard nut to crack and Two- he has a wife that airs all of our dirty laundry on the internet for his clients to see.

*Speaking of airing dirty things, it looks like Halloween and a birthday party vomited all over my house.  It's probably never been this bad.  I had my inlaws over for dinner the other night and in my haste to clean up I looked at the walls.  I mean really looked at the walls in this house.  They are covered with "kid film" from the floor to about 4 feet up.  It's like a giant mix of crayons, grape jelly, dirty handprints and scuff marks from riding their bikes and scooters into the wall.  And yeah- I let my kids ride their bikes around the tiny circle around our kitchen and living room in the winter because we get BORED!  But anyway- I've come to the conclusion that my walls need to be repainted and that my children are filthy animals.

*Which brings me to my next point about filthy animals.  Y'all, about a month ago, the giant, yellow beast that we call our dog, got into some rat poison in our garage.  It could have been catastrophic but we noticed it right away and induced vomiting and got her to the doggy ER.  Pouring enough peroxide into a 90 pound dog to make her vomit is no small task.  And then watching a 90 pound dog who can eat A LOT loose all that stuff she ate is enough to make any person want to pull their toenails off.   After at least 5 different visits to the vet and tons of medicine, she was totally in the clear.  This dog must think she's a cat but she's had more close brushes with death and rebounded more times than I can count.  But yesterday, we noticed that one whole side of her face is drooping Quasimodo style, so I'm pretty sure we are going to have to go back to the vet.  *sigh*

* Also, Miles is going to the eye doctor tomorrow.  We are hoping to schedule him for eye surgery to have his eyelids lifted up so that he can see.  His vision is so obstructed because one of the eyelids doesn't have a muscle in it and the other has a muscle that is so weak, it may as well not be there.  We've known since we brought him home that he would need this surgery- a billion different doctors have told us so.  We've held off as long as we can, but his neck is starting to be tense from tilting his chin to be able to see and we want his vision to be as good as possible for when he begins kindergarten and reading.  (And because I'm worried that when he's a teenager his teachers are going to constantly think that the boy is stoned.)  BUT- I LOVE the way that tiny boy looks and I know that this surgery is going to really alter the way that he looks.  I know that it is necessary and that it must be done, but I'm still sad that he won't look my sleepy little boy when it's done.  He'll most likely  need glasses when this is over as well because even without the eyelids obstructing his vision, he still is very farsighted.  I'm taking comfort in the fact that there is nothing cuter than a little kid in glasses. Except maybe a kid in glasses AND footed pajamas.

* Noah got some model dinosaurs for his birthday.  It says ages 8+ on the box.  I figure that between a 5 year old and 30 year old we should have this covered.    But nope.  I have a t-rex tail and butt put together and that's are far as I can figure out.  I'm going to go back to school, get an engineering degree and then see if I can complete a balsa wood dinosaur.

* We've deduced that these are the culprit of my chronic ear infections and subsequent vertigo:
Those are earplugs in case you can't tell. 

I use them because this is the bane of my existence:
So now I am forced to choose between never sleeping again, suffocating my husband with a pillow (love you honey!) or having chronic ear issues.  Right now, I've chosen never sleeping again, but this can only go on so long before I have to choose one of the other options.  Wonder which one I'll choose????

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