November 27, 2011

My husband's life is complete

The picture quality here is not stellar, but something happened in our house this morning that has made my husband's life.  In fact, the man, who is NEVER emotional, had a little tear in his eye after....

...the death star was blown up and the character's from Star Wars were getting their medals for courage.  Yes, I'm being serious.  You see, the mister decided that this was the morning that he was going to share his intense love of Star Wars with the middle little.  Noah and Kamron sat glued to the television with pure wonder and amazement on their faces as Noah watched the original Star Wars movie for the first time.  I think seeing one of his favorites through the eyes of his son will be one of Kamron's greatest parenting triumphs.  Truly, this is probably going to be one of those moments that flashes before his eyes on his death bed. (I don't get it, but whatever.)  So, I thought that I'd better sneak up on them and snap a pic so that we could remember this "monumental" moment for all eternity.

Yes- Miles is fidgeting and flailing about just as he always does, but the others are having an
out of this world time.  Har Har.

I've always hated the way that the paint color in our living room looks like a neon atrocity in photos, but capturing this father son moment is totally worth sharing the atrocity with the world.

May the force be with you on this fine Sunday afternoon.

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