December 03, 2011

1980's Christmas Lovin'

I am a procrastinator. (shocking, I know!)  I haven't bought the first Christmas gift this year.  Not one.  Not even a stuffer for the stockings.  Or even the hooks to hang the stockings on.  My thanksgiving wreath is still on the door and my pumpkins are still sitting on my porch.  Don't crucify me, please.  I'm just behind.  I'm hoping to remedy the whole thing this weekend while we are still semi-home bound. 

Even though I've put off shopping, I've been doing extensive shopping research on the best toys.  It got me thinking about what MY favorite toys that I got for Christmas were and so today, I'm going a little retro and nostalgic and sharing what my faves were as a kid.

Talking Mother Goose.  This was a story book reader.  You put a cassette tape under her wing and she would read a book to you as you followed along in the actual book.  I think she honked when it was time to turn the page.  I LOVED this thing.  Mother Goose and I spent many an hour reading Rumpelstiltskin (which I think was the only book I had for many a month)  I think she was the country girl counterpart to Teddy Ruxpin.  She was awesome.

Fisher Price Little People Brownstone House.  Oh my word.  These little people and I were in love- except the one in the orange hat.  He had a mean face and he creeped me out.  I remember that often I would just shut him in the garage.  But the rest of them.  Oh- they were such rascally little people- all living together with their weird dog who looked strangely human.

Fisher Price Little People Barn
This was in the backyard of the brownstone.  The doors of the barn went "mooooo" when you opened them and I'm pretty sure that I opened them at least 10 billion times.  The silo was hollow inside and made a great hiding place for things that I didn't want my mom to find.

These were like the pillow pets of the 1980's.  The popple had a pouch on the back that you could tuck him up into.  I loved mine. A lot.  I think I  loved his tail right off.

The nerdy girl in me loved everything about these electronic quiz books.  The "wand" would light up when you tapped the right answers.  I can remember laying on my bedroom floor doing these and praying that I would get through a whole book with only right answers.  Since we lived out in the country with no really close neighbors to play with, this was a great way to while away an afternoon.

Electric Typewriter
My parents got me this electric typewriter when I was 9 or 10.  I sat at my desk and typed my little heart out.  (with a bottle of white out next to me of course!)  When my friends would come over, we would play secretary and have so much fun! 

Big Wheel
My big wheel didn't look quite like this.  In fact, my big wheel looked like a giant silver tube of toothpaste.  My dad was in the grocery business and one of the toothpaste vendors gave him my bigwheel.  We called it "the crest-mobile" because the body of it was shaped exactly like a tube of Crest.  That thing would fly- and it served as a huge PSA to everyone who saw it to brush their teeth with Crest. 

Barbie Fashion Plates
Actually, my cousins got this for Christmas and I coveted it really badly.  But they would let me play with theirs when we would stay at our Mamaw's.  My cousins were a little bit older than me and they could color outfits much better than I could but I was determined to be a Barbie fashionista just like them when I grew up.  Wonder what happened to me? :)

What were some of your favorites?  I love taking a stroll down memory lane.  I'd love to hear what you loved as a kid!

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