December 20, 2011

6, 7, and 8

Christmas Kindness is in full swing.  I think we've hit our stride and the kids are eager to find out what projects we are doing when they wake up in the morning.  Every time I post about this, I feel like I need to say that I'm not writing about these things to be "braggy".  That is the last thing that I want to do.  I just know that there are other families doing similar things and it's great to share ideas on how we can get our kids involved in serving.  I first saw the idea about kids doing random acts of kindness on another blog and the whole thing spiraled from there- so the Internet can be a great tool for things like this!  It's been so good for our children (and me!) to do this year after year.  After all- if we don't teach them, how will they know? 

Day 6:  On the sixth day we went to one of our local nursing homes and helped to pass out ice cream sandwiches to the residents there.  I don't know what it is, but people who don't always get to see children around, get super excited about having little ones in their presence.  Going to the nursing home is always one of my favorite things that we do because it reminds me that it doesn't cost a thing to brighten someone's day.  More than anything, people just want to be loved on and to feel like they matter.  Noah was our hugger.  Miles was the smiler and Sadie was the server.  I love how they each develop their own ways to give back that perfectly match their own little personalities.

Day 7:  The seventh day brought a trip to the animal shelter.  This is always the kids favorite thing to do.  We went through our cabinets and gathered up supplies that they needed (old towels, blankets, cleaning products) and delivered them.  The littles LOVE to play with animals.  They could do this every single day if I'd let them.  Sadie and Noah want to be a vets or farmers when they grow up so this is the perfect project for them. 
Sadie and her BFF petting on this little dog with a disfigured leg.  They were madly in love.

Day 8:  The hope is that if we just show them the way enough, our children will figure out how to be loving and giving on their own.  This morning I walked into the kitchen to this:
Someone took it upon herself to wash the dishes WITHOUT being asked!  Hallelujah!  Just when I think that 8 is the new 13, she goes and does something like this to surprise me.  She said that today's Christmas kindness was for me.  *sigh* I'm not a good receiver (something I'm working on) so I deemed that we still had some Christmas kindness to share for the day.

Because today is low key and we don't plan on leaving the house, I let the kids pick a charity to donate to.  They love to look over my shoulder when I read other blogs and they love looking at pictures of other people's children.  They especially love looking at pictures of the Blocks (links to the recent post about the needs at the orphanage) so we chose to make a small contribution to the orphanage that they work with in Guatemala.  They are at capacity but won't turn children away.  They need more space to keep serving the children that show up on their doorstep.  They are doing amazing work.  If you want to help them or learn more about their ministry, you can visit The Eagle's Nest website. 
**If you are not a friend of Millions of Miles on Facebook, I'd recommend liking the page.  On one of the upcoming days of Christmas Kindness I will be giving away a copy of Kisses From Katie to one of our FB friends.  I LOVE being kind to you :-)

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