December 30, 2011

Foto Friday- Christmas

Every year I say that it was the best Christmas evah.  I mean it every single year.  But this year was A to the Mazing.  The kids thought everything was so magical.  We did four Christmases in 3 days and there was not a single bit of family drama at any of them (now that I have never been able to say!)  We hosted two of those and they were fabulous times of having family together.  And y'all, hubby even cleaned the whole house by himself before hosting his family while I ran last minute Christmas errands.  I kid you not, it was all very Mary Poppins.  So, before the New Year approaches, I wanted to share some of our Christmas pictures.

My mom's house.  Classic Overachiever.  Maker of all things beautiful and matchy.  I love her.

Sadie and Daddy

My cute mom and sweet step-dad trying to make all seven of their grandchildren sit still for 22 seconds.

Me and the sexy man I married.

Christmas Eve after church

the outtake

Miles and aunt Kennethia

Kamron's side of the fam.

Christmas Morning!

Her first American Girl doll.

Papaw Johnny blowing up the giant flying fish that he got for Noah.  Unfortunately, it was missing half the pieces and is on it's way back to flying fish return heaven.
I never want to forget how cute they look in footed pj's on Christmas morning.

 The boys playing with their Uncle Bradley.

My whole maternal side only missing a few cousins.  I think it will be awesome to have two brown kids in this picture next year :-)

This is what happens when you celebrate Christmas a little too hard!
Happy New Year!  May 2012 be full of awesome.

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