December 28, 2011

Life List

It's the season of New Year's Resolutions.  This year, I'm not making resolutions because I never seem to follow through with them.  Instead, this year, I'm making a list of things that I want to do, see, learn and accomplish in my life.  Here are 100 things that I'd like to start working toward.  I hope that I can cross lots of these off in the next year.  (I'll update this from time to time with my progress!)
  1. learn to speak a foreign language fluently
  2. apply to be on The Amazing Race
  3. record my grandmothers telling me their life stories and how they met and fell in love with my grandfathers
  4. learn to focus on health instead of weight loss
  5. travel to at least 10 foreign countries that I've never been to
  6. go to midwifery school and spend at least a year using those skills in a 3rd work country
  7. write a book
  8. be on a talk show as a guest
  9. learn to knit
  10. read something by Charles Dickens
  11. get rid of my children's outgrown clothes
  12. move one last time to a home that I will live in forever
  13. enter and run in a half marathon and actually RUN the whole way
  14. stay in a hut over the ocean in Tahiti
  15. renew my wedding vows on my 20th anniversary in Hawaii
  16. take a road trip in an RV and visit as many National Parks as I can in a month
  17. continue having a weekend retreat with my girlfriends annually
  18. continue going to at least one conference a year that is just for me and my writing "career"
  19. learn how to dress for my body type
  20. stop drinking diet Pepsi... again
  21. start my own non-profit organization and get a great board of directors
  22. take a cooking class
  23. visit Washington DC and do the tourist thing 
  24. learn how to make my Mamaw's sourdough bread
  25. learn how to make my Granny's pulled cream candy
  26. find a church that I am in love with and pour myself into it
  27. learn how to accessorize
  28. take a dance class of any kind so that I am not self conscious about dancing in public
  29. learn how to coupon and meal plan
  30. have my own garden
  31. grow fruit trees in my backyard
  32. find an excercise that I actually like and commit to do it daily
  33. have built in book cases
  34. get laser hair removal on my eyebrows
  35. get very drunk in Las Vegas with my husband, visit a wedding chapel and make a big scene
  36. fly in a helicopter
  37. learn how to scuba dive
  38. float in the Dead Sea
  39. snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
  40. learn colligraphy
  41. go vegetarian
  42. be completely debt free with the exception of our home
  43. learn how to use power tools and then build something
  44. actually print all my digital pictures and scrapbook them
  45. meet a sitting president
  46. read the entire Bible
  47. get a job when the kids go to school with some sort of global health or global missions organization
  48. become a CASA advocate for children
  49. go on a series of mission trips to minister to missionaries to help them ward off burnout
  50. learn how to play Tiny Dancer and Piano Man on the piano
  51. learn how to play a few tunes on the guitar so I can have a common interest with my hubby
  52. read Anna Karinina
  53. convert all of the home movies from my childhood to digital
  54. study yoga and learn to meditate
  55. go to Disney Land
  56. sleep under the stars with nothing but a sleeping bag
  57. ride in a hot air balloon
  58. complete Christine's sexperiment sex challenge
  59. go to the Smithsonian
  60. complete a triathalon
  61. go to intergenerational church camp with my children
  62. own a vacation home that we can share with our friends and family
  63. eat at In And Out Burger
  64. have a living room with enough seating so that my entire family can sit down all at one time
  65. sing a song at karaoke
  66. get a masters degree
  67. have an actual defined muscle somewhere (anywhere!) on my body
  68. publish something where my name with be in print
  69. go on a safari
  70. get naked under a waterfall
  71. join a book club
  72. learn to accept compliments gracefully
  73. learn to make jelly and how to can vegetables
  74. do 5 pullups in a row
  75. see a play on Broadway in NYC
  76. learn how to take really good pictures
  77. be a more attentive wife
  78. learn how to fold fancy napkins
  79. create a grant to help other families afford adoption
  80. walk on the Great Wall of China
  81. see U2 in concert
  82. have a garage that I can park a car in
  83. tithe a full 10%
  84. learn how to correctly fill in a US map with all those darn tiny New England states
  85. find a form of seafood that I can stomach
  86. see the Everglades
  87. eat brunch at Brennan's in New Orleans
  88. hug a chimpanzee
  89. own a pair of really awesome red high heels
  90. go to a taping of a sitcom
  91. read something I've written in front of an audience
  92. learn a card trick
  93. learn a good joke that I can tell in public
  94. ride on a train that has sleeping quarters and a dinner car
  95. climb a volcano
  96. go to the summer Olympics
  97. go to a wine tasting and stomp on grapes like the scene from I Love Lucy
  98. become a regular blood donor
  99. make a time capsule and bury it
  100. go to a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square 

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