December 27, 2011


Santa must have thought that the Terry kids were extra good this year because he took their request of getting a guinea pig seriously.  Christmas morning they bounded down the steps to find this:

They got a guinea pig.  It was as if all of their dreams came true.  Our newest little family member's name is Phil.  Miles calls him "refill".  I'm pretty sure he can't hear the difference in the two words!  Phil is a rescue-rescue pet.  He was originally bought at a pet store and then returned.  Then a great little couple rescued him from the returned pet center.  But they were both youth ministers and didn't have enough time to give Phil all the attention that he deserved.  So Santa got Phil from them and dropped him off at our house.  You can tell that Phil was taken great care of.  He's enormous and is sweet as candy.  We are thankful that his other homes loved him well because he is making the perfect pet for our children.

My husband says that the only thing that could have made Phil any better is if his name was Steve.  For some crazy reason, Kamron has always wanted a pet named Steve.  But Phil is pretty dang close.  In fact, I'm glad he came with such a cute little name!  Phil Terry.  Kinda has a certain ring to it.  Kamron has given him the middle name of McCrakin but we won't explain that one to the children.  Phil McCrackin. Get it.  Yeah- that's how my husband's brain works.  I'm so proud.  

For the last 2 days, this has been the scene.  Sadie has been a Phil hog.

She has carried him around in a little blanket for hours and hours on end.  It's kind of a Fern and Wilbur relationship.  She says they are BFFs.  Sometimes she lets her brothers have a turn.  Noah just rubs him and rubs him.  It blows my mind how these wild and crazy boys become so tender around Phil. 
If there is any evidence of how far Miles has come and what a testament to how intensive therapy can actually work- here it is:

A year ago, an animal in our house would have sent Miles off the deep end.  Holding one would have been out of the question.  It would have meant an emergency session with his therapist and me calling and begging for sedatives for both of us.   Now look at him.  Loving and enjoying an animal with no anxiety and experiencing a meaningful connection with it!  It's a Christmas miracle. (Actually, it is not a miracle.  It is the result of almost two years of hard hard hard work, but you get the point.  It's a BIG deal!)

And truly- how could you resist this adorable little face and darling cowlick?  Ahhh, we can't.  We are madly in love. 

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