December 21, 2011

A Very Country Christmas

God must have been feeling really spunky on the day that he created my dad.  He's a very complicated yet simple kind of man.  He's the kind of guy that could go missing in the woods and survive there communing with wolves and living off of berries for about 20 years.  I think that Hank Williams' "Country Boy Can Survive" was written about my dad. 

My kids adore him.  Papaw Johnny is one of their favorite people and his farm is their very favorite place in the world.  But y'all, my dad was lacking the Christmas spirit.  Since he and my mom divorced over 10 years ago, he's never had a Christmas tree.  We set out to remedy that on what we are dubbing...

 Team Real Tree.  And yes, that's my dad with ketchup all over his shirt. 
 It's one of the thousands of reasons that I love him.  How cute is he?

We took off hiking through the woods in search of the perfect tree...

Sadie fell in love with this little twig of a tree sprouting up out of the ground and had to have it for her room. 

We kept looking and looking for the perfect tree for my dad and his simply country boy taste.  At last, one little Charlie Brown like tree called to us from the woods.  It was bare on one side and spindly on the bottom.  It was perfect.  Papaw Johnny took the saw and performed a little tree removal surgery.

 I love how he obliges when I say ,"Look up here and smile!" while he's hard at work.  Then it was time to haul the tree and the tired little one back to the house.

We got that tree back to the house and stuck it in a five gallon bucket full of rocks as a tree holder.  We are nothing if not classy people.  That is, if classy equals resourceful.  A few strings of lights and some discount ornaments later, and we brought that little tree to life and brought the Christmas spirit to Papaw Johnny's house.

  Pure perfection.  Sometimes it's the little things that make Christmas brilliant and meaningful.

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