January 19, 2012

The Bar Scene- Then and Now

I went to a bar last weekend.  Well, not really so much a bar, but a pizza place with a bar kind of attached to it.  The kind with a bathroom that looks like a construction zone that has things like "Call Katie for a good time" written on the stall wall.  Totally not my scene.  But my husband's band was playing there and in my effort to be a better wife in 2012 I went out to support him.  I had a friend meet me there- and she brought a friend named Davey Crockett.  No lie.  An actual decedent of the Davey Crockett.  Only in Kentucky, y'all.

I walked up to the bar to order some drinks for my friends.  I sat down in an empty chair and waited for the bartender to come and take my order.  I felt a little tap on my shoulder.  I turned my head to see who had tapped my shoulder and heard a voice that sounded like it was straight out of that bus scene on Forest Gump.  "I'm sorry, you can't sit here," said a semi-attractive man who looked at me like I couldn't get out of the seat fast enough.  I told him that I was just ordering a drink and I would be gone in a flash.  But seriously!  The nerve!  He said that he was saving the seat for someone who was supposed to meet him.  30 minutes later, that seat next to him was still vacant, and I couldn't help but take it personally!  (And *maybe* be secretly happy that perhaps the seat police jerk had been stood up?!?)

I flashed back to my early bar going days where random people would actually ask me to sit down next to them, not tell me to get up!  It got me thinking about how different it is for me to go to a bar now, in my 30's as opposed to going when I was 19.  And yes- I was going underage.  Dating the guitar player in the band had certain perks.  As in- you got to carry enough heavy equipment that the bar owners would never ever ask you to put it all down and actually show your ID.  For the record- I am NOT proud of my 19 year old self.   But oh-my-gawd, we had some fun back in the day!  And if my daughter ever dreams of acting this way when she's 19, I will lock her in the tower (cause, ya' know- I have a tower) and throw away the key.  

Here's a little rundown of how the bar scene is different now that I'm a lame
@ss 30 year old:
(click on a pic to enlarge it)

The Lead-up:

Getting Ready:

The Shoes:

The Drinking:

The Dancing:

The Leaving:

The Thing That's The Same:

Yes, this hot guitar player in the leather pants circa 2001...

... who has thankfully traded in his leather pants for a nice blue suit. 
Thank you God that we are NOT 19 anymore!

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