January 24, 2012

Big Giant Photo Dump

As I exported all the photos off my phone, I realized that there are tons that I haven't shared!  One day, I'll have a fancy phone that actually has a flash, until then, I apologize for the crummy quality :-)

Pedicure Time!  I take pride in raising metrosexuals.

"Mom.  Take my picture.  I can make my foot touch my nose.  And I can tell you that my foot smells terrible!"
Chillin' at the dentist.  No cavities!

Papaw Johnny's Birthday dinner at Waffle House. 
Because nothing says you are special and we love you quite like eating eggs and grits at the diner counter.

Papaw Johnny and Miles.  Ladies, he is single (my dad, not Miles)  I'm just sayin'.  I'll hook you up.
*my dad will DIE of embarrassment when he reads this* but I'm totally SERIOUS!

I love this boy.
I found this at the bottom of Sadie's backpack.  I'm assuming that the mean mom on the right is me. 
Aunt Kennethia's birthday dinner!

Kamron's chicken was shaped just like Africa.  He was not amuzed when I stopped him mid-cut to take a picture.
Miles and GranMary

Lazy Saturday morning pancakes.

I saw this truck at the grocery store and it horrified me. 
And then made me feel sorry for this guy's wife. 
Noah and Phil.

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