January 12, 2012

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'

I would give about a million dollars to remember what it feels like to be bored.  Someone in our tiny town hit the lottery last night for a cool mil.  My mom told me about it this morning and for a split second I truly thought that maybe it was me.  And then I remembered that I didn't buy a ticket.  But seriously- can someone deliver a chill pill or a sedative to my door STAT?  It feels like we have been bombarded lately with more than our fair share of bad news, busyness and other crap.

In that spirit- there will be no coherent blogging today other than some bullet points.  Here goes:
  • Noah left his coat outside overnight a few nights ago.  In a mud puddle.  Which then froze into a mud/coat/leaves and grass popsicle of fabric.  I tossed it in the washer and dryer and threw it on him in time for school.  Luckily we noticed that my pair of giant, big lady, pull-up-to-your-boobs drawers were stuck to the velcro before I sent him out the door.  It broke my heart a little bit that my knickers stretched all the way down his coat and covered three whole strips of velcro.  Also- I just said knickers. Boo.
  • We had one afternoon of really nice weather and we needed a break in the worst way, so we ate dinner out (at the ripe ol' time of 3:45 pm because we roll like old people) and then stopped at the park for about an hour to soak up the sunshine.  It was really good for the soul.
  • Our classes to become foster parents (in hopes of adopting through foster care) began this week.  It is a ton of paperwork and another ton of information but I kinda like it.  It's the logical progression toward some more estrogen in this house.  I am super pumped. 
  • We are all still madly in love with Phil- our new guinea pig.  He is the best pet we've ever had.  He sits on the kids' laps for hours and loves to watch tv.  If I would have known how great of a pet a guinea pig is, we'd have gotten one a long time ago.  The kids are actually eager to take care of him and feed him every day.  They even clean out his cage without having to be asked.  Sadie has been begging (read: whining incessantly) for days and days for me to bring him to school so that she could show him off.  Her teacher agreed to let him come and Sadie took Phil to 2nd grade.  She got in front of her class and talked to them all about caring for guinea pigs.  I was so proud of her :-)  She's going to be a great teacher one day!  That is, if she lives to be an adult.  I'm convinced that 8 is the new 13.  Can I get an amen? 
  • They are calling for a whopping 1 inch of snow here, which means that we had to make a run last night for milk and new sleds.  The boys have discovered that sleds are a lot of fun on the stairs.  Shoot me now.
  • We also took a little trip to the bookstore so that Sadie and Kamron could spend some of the giftcards they got for Christmas.  Bookstores are like crack for my kids.  They love 'em.  And I love seeing them get so pumped about reading.  Noah is very into the I-Spy series.  Miles will only read/play/watch/wear/look at things that have Lightning McQueen or Mater on them.  Sadie is reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  Have you read that one?  We are loving it.  It's a great read aloud.  Last night we all curled up in bed and Sadie read it to us.  She now officially reads faster than her father- who hates to read with a passion.  Don't tell him I said that.
  • Noah's our little illogical child.  As we were grocery shopping he said, "Mom.  Did you know that bigfoot exists?"  "Really?" I said, "How do you know?"  Noah replied, "Well, are foxes real, right?"  I told him that foxes were in fact real.  "Then that means that bigfoot is real."  Ummmm, not sure how that relates, but he was convinced.  Perhaps we have a future attorney in our midst?
  • I've become obsessed with reruns of The Big Bang Theory.  At night when I'm trying to turn off my brain, it seems to be the perfect thing. 
  • In addition to sliding down the steps on top of sleds, blankets, each other, etc., the boys have also discovered wraslin'.  This is one of those things that no one warned me about when we brought a second boy into our family.  They will beat the absolute crap out of one another and laugh the entire time.  And somehow, Miles always ends up with his pants pulled down and his crack hanging out.  I consider the exposed crack to be part of his wrestling uniform.  I'm in full agreement that it is better than the unitard high school wrestlers wear, so I'm all for it.  Also- he is on an underwear boycott.  (I have some big lady undies he could have) 
  • And the other thing... they have decided that climbing into Phil's cage is super fun.  Does anybody want to buy some boys?  I'm not joking.  A dollar?  A quarter?  Free?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller? 

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