January 20, 2012

My New Gig

I've got a new "gig" that I am so excited about.  After treating my body like a human garbage disposal for the last 18 months, I'm proud to be Nutrisystem's newest blogger!

All my life, I've been a dieter.  And not a good dieter.  I've done just about every unhealthy thing imaginable to get my weight under control.  As a very young adult, I thought that I was "fat" at 125 pounds.  I'd kinda like to slap that girl now, but she's long gone.  Over the years, my weight has gone up and down and fluctuated with pregnancy, extreme dieting, stress, depression and pretty much everything else that can affect a person's body.  I've suffered from body image and self esteem issues my whole life. 

But now... ahhhh, now...now I'm in a good place.  For the first time in my life, I feel good about ME.  I feel good about the path that I'm on.  I feel good about my marriage.  I feel good about my children.  I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.  So now that things on the inside are feeling good, it's time to make the outsides match.

For the last year and a half, I've put nothing but garbage inside my body.  I'd like to give a list of reasons for why this is, but basically, they'd just be empty excuses.  It all boils down to the fact that I just haven't made myself a priority or honored my body in the way it deserves to be honored. There are some days when I get in bed and realize that I've not put a drop of water in my body that wasn't in a carbonated form.  Or had anything green.  Or any fruit.  Or anything of any substance what so ever.  My body has completely revolted.  Weight aside (because I do think you can be healthy at pretty much ANY weight) my body just hasn't felt good.   In the last 8 months, I've had to be scanned twice for suspected cancer.  I've not had very much energy.  I've not been able to sleep as well because the extra weight is causing me to snore.  What I've been putting in my body has directly contributed to the decline of my overall health.  I'm a vibrant and happy 30 year old and my body and unhealthy habits are holding me back!

I've proved to myself that I can't make the lifestyle changes I need to get my health back on track on my own.  Isn't that the first step?  Admitting you are powerless and can't do it on your own?  So when Nutrisystem came a callin' I jumped on that wagon as fast as I could.

You know that I don't use my blog to promote products very often.  Or ever, actually.  But, well, this is my space and this is what I need to get my body back to a healthy place.  I've finally come to the conclusion that I am worthy of dedicating some of this space that I've carved out on the Internet to my journey back to health.

Nutrisystem is going to be my intervention.  Part of my first shipment of food arrived today and here's why I love it:

1. It's easy.  The plan is all laid out and so simple to follow. I'm a busy gal.  And while I want to be mindful of what I'm putting in my mouth, I also don't want to have to obsess over it.  The food obsession is NOT good for me and Nutrisystem's plan allows me to be mindful without constantly having to worry about what I am or am not going to eat next.

2. My consultant allowed me to customize my meals.  (they do this for everyone!)  In my life, I've never felt more healthy and had more energy that when I was a vegetarian.  So I've customized all of my meals to have plenty of protein without actual meat.

3. With cancer being rampant in my family, I've read enough stuff to know that some of the things that we put into our bodies don't help with prevention.  With Nutrisystem, I'm able to take chemicals and preservatives out of pretty much all of my food because their entrees are flash frozen, instead of canned or processed and laden with preservatives.

4. The meals just look so darn tasty.  And lets face it- if it doesn't taste good, lifestyle changes are never going to stick!

Nutrisystem Vegetarian Black Bean Tortilla Soup-
 otherwise know as what I'm dying to have for lunch this week!  Yummo!
I'm inviting all of you to follow along with me as I reclaim my health.  I'll be posting a weekly update with how I'm feeling, how the plan is going and how much excess weight is coming off a result of actually putting good stuff in my body instead of junk.  I'm super excited about it!

I just had my daughter take my before picture.  I figured that today was as good a day as any since I actually had on real clothes and makeup after having coffee out with a pal today.  I'm posting the picture, but I'm not quite ready to claim my weight or my jeans size publicly yet.  I know that I am more than just a number on a scale or a number printed on a label in my pants, so perhaps one day I'll be brave enough to announce my starting weight to the world.  For now, though, I'm just happy to be on the road to wellness with Nutrisystem!  Stay tuned for my transformation...

My before photo
Disclaimer: As compensation for sharing my journey with Nutrisystem, I am provided all meals and support services free of charge.  However, all opinions about the program are entirely my own.

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