February 03, 2012

The Pillow Stack

One of my boys' very favorite things to do is to make what they call a "pillow stack".  They run around the house like crazy people, collecting every single pillow, blanket and squishy stuffed animal they can find.  They throw them all into a giant pile and then jump in it.  They used to be content to just kind of bounce around in the pillow stack.  Then they decided to jump off of the bed onto the pillow stack.  Now their Evil Knievel ways have gone against all logic and they have now deemed that the top of the couch is the very highest, very best place from which to launch themselves into the pillow stack. 

This is one of those activities that goes against my better judgement.  I have a feeling that one day it will lead to an emergency room visit.  But they just have so much fun doing it!  My brother and I used to do this when we were little- although we called it "jumping into the swimming pool".  We'd spend hours- me in my Minnie Mouse leotard, him in his tighty whiteys- jumping off of my mom and dad's bed into the pillows.  We survived and I'm sure my kids will, too.  Besides, sometimes the best moments in childhood come when mom should probably say no, but says yes any way.  This is what happened last night when I said yes.

Sometimes a brother is the ultimate partner in crime.  And sometimes he's the ultimate best friend...

Thank you, Lord, for these amazing little men. 

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