February 07, 2012


I feel like this morning is the first morning that I've sat down long enough to put a thought together in days.  I briefly mentioned last week that hubs and I are trying to get our house ready to put on the market.  With another kiddo on the way, we are sooooo maxed out on space around here.  The kids are already pretty much sleeping on top of each other as it is and I can only imagine how putting another one in the mix is going to add to that chaos.  Part of me is a little bit sad.  After all, this is the only house our boys have ever known.  Their heights are marked up the door frame in the kitchen, their artwork is all over the walls (literally, ON the walls), and we are only 1/2 mile from two of their schools.

But alas, sometimes in life, it's just time to move on.  We need something that can accommodate our growing brood a bit better.  So, we are clearing out.  In fact, I've been an organizing machine this week.  I've heard that you never know just how much stuff you really have until you try to move. Dude.  This is an understatement.  I have saved every single article of clothing that ever touched my children's bodies throughout their entire lives.  No lie.  Over eight years and three kids worth of clothes and outgrown shoes were beckoning to be gotten rid of. (It was like a bad episode of Hoarders)   I spent hours and hours going through every single teeny tiny outfit and sorting them into sizes.  Thankfully, it only made my womb ache once or twice.  We bagged it all up and took it to my sweet friend, Melinda, who works at one of the local school resource offices.  She's going to dole it all out to local families that need them.  Love that woman.  Here is what 8 years worth of clothes looks like:

Hubby and I did not stop moving for about 3 days.  We've just about got our basement and garage cleared out.  It was two truckloads of stuff to our friends who are getting ready to have and adoption yard sale, two truckloads of other stuff to Goodwill, two truckloads to storage and the van load of clothes that went to the resource center.  Y'all- we are whipped.

Yesterday, I moved on to cleaning out and organizing the closets and cabinets.  This is something that I NEVER do.  I think it makes my mother cringe when she comes over here and opens the closets.  I'm so darn proud of myself, that I'm posting a pic of my hallway closet.  Before I started on it, if you opened it, junk would fall out of it.  I remember seeing a cartoon when I was little where things were always falling out of the closet.  I tried to google it and only got suggestions for coming out of the closet to tell people that you are gay.  Such is life.  I wish that I'd taken a before picture, but the after...

Ahhhh!  Cue the angels.  A miracle has occurred.

We found some really cool things hidden away in the basement.  Lots of old pictures.  Old love letters from exes. (What are you supposed to do with those?)  I found my old prom queen tiara and Kamron's old football jersey.  I suggested a few things we could do with those.  He blushed and then vetoed me in record time. Silly boy.

This may have been my favorite thing of all that we found:

This is Old Blue.  He was my sleeping companion from birth until my husband became my sleeping companion.  When we got married, Kamron kicked Old Blue out of the bed.  I think "it's creepy" may have been the words that he used.  Anyway- it was nice to see Old Blue again. I think when we get settled in a new place, I'll try to take the time to restore him to his former glory.  I think he will require extensive surgey- after all, he is half decapitated and blind.  Poor little fellow.  He was nearly loved to death.  Not a bad way to go, though, eh?

I'm off to go and tackled the coat closet and prep the kid's bedrooms for a coat of fresh paint.  There are not enough magic erasers in the world to account for Miles' desire to draw on everything.  I'm making a rule now: there will be NO writing utensils allowed in my new house period.  The children are only allowed to draw in the air with their fingers.  I just passed that through the senate and the house and it is now a law in the Terry household.  Boom. 

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