February 07, 2012

Week Two Check In

I've just completed my second week of Nutrisystem.  My body is starting to thank me for finally taking care of it.  I've had more energy, I've gotten better sleep at night, and I just don't feel as sluggish.  My big lady jeans do still, however, roll down at the waist sometimes due to pressure from my muffin top.  That is my next mini-goal that I hope to hit (no more waist rolling on the jeans).

I'm finding the plan so easy to follow.  I've found that with other diets/plans that I've done, all I do is think about food.  As soon as I wake up, I'm mapping out what I can have, how much I can have, and when can I eat it.  This is the first plan that I'm not doing that with.  When it's a meal time, I just go grab some of my food, eat it, and go on with my day.  Gone are the days of trying to figure out if I can eat nothing but green beans the rest of the day, if I eat a blizzard for breakfast.  I actually feel like what I'm eating now is balanced, which is HUGE for me!

The other thing that all my friends have asked me about is how the food tastes.  With the exception of a couple of dishes, I would say it's awesome!  Last week, I raved about how yummy the protein shakes are.  This week I'm raving about the pizzas.  They are so yummy!  I've been throwing a frozen pepper/onion mix on top of my pizzas to get in an extra serving of veggies.  In fact, I love the Nutrisystem pizza so much, I think I ate it 3 nights last week.  Oh, and the desserts?  Dessert every single night, people!  You can't beat that with a stick!  It keeps me from never feeling deprived.  Let's face it- if you feel deprived, it's never going to work!  And by golly!  This one is working for me!

This weeks total weight loss is....
 -2.2 pounds
for a total of -7.4 pounds in two weeks! 

I'm trying to settle in for week three.  I always think that week three is the hardest week of making changes stick- especially to one's diet and exercise regime.  Somewhere around week three, I always lose steam.  This time, though?  This time I'm going to rock it!  :-)

If you want to join me on this journey to health, Nutrisystem is now offering 40% off their 28 day auto-delivery plans (what I'm on) in honor of their 40th anniversary.  Now would be an awesome time to give it a try!

Disclaimer: As compensation for sharing my journey with Nutrisystem, I am provided all meals and support services free of charge.  However, all opinions about the program are entirely my own. 

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