February 25, 2012

Where Did You Go?

In the last few days, my inbox is full of emails asking if my kids are okay. This morning my dad called to ask me if I was depressed or if I'd jumped off of a cliff or something. I think it's sweet than when I take a few days off of blogging, that you guys worry about me! I love how many people out there in blog land care about my kids. Don't worry. We are pure awesome sauce. For a few days last week I was having some technical issues. When I'd click on to write a post, that little wheel that spins on the screen would not stop spinning and I was forced to take a break. And now I'm out of town at a blogging conference meeting incredible, inspiring people and learning so many cool things. My favorite part is answering "elevator" questions. You know, the obvious questions. "What do you blog about" is the "What's you major?" question of these kinds of conferences and I LOVE saying, "Well, I'm kind of a humor writer, but my real passion is making people care about orphans." That leads to some amazing conversations. It's also a time of renewal for me. I'm in an alternate universe where I've traded in my sweats for dresses and heels. I've worn makeup for three days in a row (a total miracle!) My spanx are becoming a second skin. I'm in a hotel room by myself and that means that I can watch whatever I want on TV at night and eat dinner nekkid in my bed if I want ( which I actually did and it was kinda liberating!) Anyway, no need to worry! We are all fine! I'll be back soon with lots of stories and a ton of pictures of the littles and pics of me hobnobbing with all of the famous peeps I've met in Nashville. Someone better pinch me or send me back to my mommy routine soon because I'm on the brink of being insanely spoiled. :)

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