March 04, 2012


There's been a shift in our home in the last couple of months.  Miles and Noah (who are probably closer in age than Miles' birthday suggests) are being a wee bit less competitive with one another and being a lot more like friends.  They are beginning to learn that they can get away with more if they are in on the crime together and are learning how to play together (I wondered if this would ever happen!) 

Miles is becoming fiercely protective of his Noah.  Since seeing the Lion King, Miles frequently puts himself in a precarious position just so he can yell out, "Help me brudah!" (which is what brother sounds like when you can't say your "r's" or "th's")

I took the big kids to the grocery with me yesterday and when we got home, Miles threw open the door and looked at Noah and yelled, "My bwudah's home!"  I love watching their interactions (when they aren't trying to kill one another).  I hope they'll always be good buddies :-)

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