March 18, 2012

Catching Up and Having the Blahs

I have a major case of the post vacation blahs.  It doesn't help that within 12 hours of being back, I had all three kids in the doctor's office.  One has a wicked case of bronchitis and an ear infection, one has a nasty sinus infection and the other is covered with a rash that feels like sandpaper.  They are all loaded up on antibiotics and allergy meds, but they are all still coughing their heads off.  It sounds much like I would think an Olympic coughing contest would sound like. Sadie would totally take home the gold medal.

In addition, I have had this little problem with the absolute worst name imaginable: sea lice.  It's not really lice.  It's what they call it when you inadvertently walk through a school of jellyfish larvae.  Those larvae sting you just like their adult counterparts.  I ended up covered in stings on my arms and legs.  It itched like a mofo and hurt all the way down into my bones.  Not to mention that the angry red rash looked really pretty.  The last little stings have just about disappeared, but I think that I'm going to petition that the powers that be call this little problem something else, because "sea lice" is ick! 

Sea lice and all, I'd still love to be magically dropped back in Florida.  Every time we go on vacation, I always think, "Why don't we just sell all of our stuff and move here?"  Somehow we never do.  I now if we moved somewhere tropical, it wouldn't be all vacation all the time, but a girl can dream, right?

Here's the thing:  vacations with children are a lot of work.  But it's a good kind of work.  Rubbing sunscreen on wiggly kids is not any one's favorite job, but I'd pick that over laundry any day of the week.  Now that I'm home, I can't pick between sunscreen application or laundry.  (First world whiny problems, I know!)  So yesterday, in an effort to delay my entry into the real world, I left all of the suitcases scattered on the floor, convinced the kids that they could go one day with no clean undies, and crawled in bed and watched about a million episodes of The Big Bang Theory off of the DVR.  I'm doubting that I can get by with doing that for a second day (but it sure is tempting!)

Since we missed one of our foster care certification classes while we were out of town, hubby and I have a day full of make up paperwork to complete before tomorrow night's class (yippee, right?!)  We started out with all kinds of pep about these classes.  Then somewhere around week 4 they kind of started to drag.  Our class has a very typical group dynamic- there is the person that takes up insane amounts of class time asking questions that only pertain to them and not the class.  There is the person who speaks up after ever comment made by our teacher because she once knew a teenager who was in foster care so she is obviously an expert.  And there are the people who sit there freaking out that the workers with call them with a child who is black/Hispanic/gay/HIV+/blah, blah, blah.  And then there are the rest of us.  It's kind of fun now that we've all gotten to know each other in class.  When one of those afore mentioned people goes on a tangent, we all collectively put on the glazed over eyes and tune out.  You can literally see it happen.  We only have two more classes left.  I am pretty excited about those.  Our workers have done a great job of preparing us for the worst case scenarios, but these last two classes are parent panels- people telling their real life tips and stories about being foster parents.  If there is anything I love more than hearing people share their personal stories, I don't know what it is.

Hopefully, it won't take us too much longer to be approved to have another kiddo in our house.  I'm estimating that it could be May or June before our homestudy is written and our home is officially opened.  In the mean time, we are still trying to find a new place to live and trying to sell our house.  We met with a builder about building a house and this is beginning to seem like the way that we will go.  (I may have had a mini panic attack just typing it!)

In pure randomness, I am completely obsessed with this song and have listened to it on repeat for almost an hour this morning.

Time to go medicate the sickies.  Ciao.

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