March 20, 2012

Checking in- Week 7

I'm just wrapping up my seventh week of Nutrisystem and the mister is starting his 3rd week.  Four weeks into this, I was down 10 pounds and feeling fabulous.  Three weeks later, I'm stalled out at 10 pounds lost.  I can't seem to get over that hump!

The good news is that I haven't gained.  Even after a week on vacation I was able to maintain, so I'm chalking that one up as a positive.  While we were out of town, we stuck to the NS breakfasts and some lunches but mostly ate "vacation food" (read fried food and cocktails!) for dinner.  So I can't complain to much about not losing. However, we were much more conscious of what we were putting in our mouths- even if we did have a few splurges.  Our typical vacations include buffet breakfasts (which we skipped this time) and burgers for lunch (we opted for lean sandwiches this time) so we are learning some good trade offs.

Kamron is down three pounds total (for his 2 full weeks).  We've both decided that tomorrow is the day that we recommit to this!  For me, that means drinking my 8 glasses of water.  I find that if I drink the water, I'm less likely to get the mid-day munchies.  For Kamron, it's overcoming the late night eating.  For both of us, it's cutting out the dining out!  It's been kind of hard because yesterday was Kamron's birthday and that has meant lots of dinners out with family and of course- cake! But, the excuses are over and we are back to our healthier ways.  Here's to good health for next week!

Disclaimer: In exchange for this review, Nutrisystem provides me with their food delivery program.  However, all opinions are completely my own.

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