March 28, 2012

Checking in- Week 8

Dude.  We killed it on Nutrisystem this week.  Yep, that's a little braggy, but we are celebrating some major victories this week.

I'm on week 8 and my darling husband is on week 3 of the plan.  I stayed stuck at 10 pounds lost for 3 whole weeks.  But let's be honest.  After 6 weeks on any kind of plan, one get's cocky.  I convinced myself that I *knew* this plan and therefore didn't need to chart my food or water intake.  After all, I *knew* what I was supposed to eat every day, right?  Unfortunately, that's when you either end up eating to much (or in my case, I think I actually ate too little) and your body says, "Hello!  You aren't giving me exactly what I need!  I'm going to hold on to everything here because I'm not sure what's going on!!!!" 

We all know how that goes!  Usually, after those three weeks of stagnant results on anything that I've previously done to lose weight, I'd give up at this point.  But this week, I made the decision to not give up.  I pulled out my handy, dandy Nutrisystem App on my phone and tracked my food and water this week.  I went to the fruit market and loaded up on fruit and veggies.  I gave myself a stern reminder that swapping out 90 calories of fruit for 90 calories of chips was not helping my body be as healthy as it could be. After all, this is about health for me, not finding ways to cheat the system!  A friend of mine posted this on FB this week:

For me, that is SO true.  I LOVE my Nutrisystem meals.  I feel just the right amount of full afterwards.  It's my snacking that defeats me, can I get an amen?  This week, I snacked appropriately, didn't allow myself to get hungry and stayed hydrated.  And, I MOVED more.  This is always a hard one for me.  I find that I don't sit down very often, but I'm also not really putting my body through enough in my day to day to give it a workout (unless you count lifting full laundry baskets as weightlifting.)  I will never be a runner and I don't really want to be, so instead of jogging, I got outside and played more with my kids.  Who knew 10 minutes of freeze tag could be so exhausting?!?!  I'm hoping as the weather continues to get nicer, this can be a bigger part of our normal day.

It's helps so much to have my husband on this plan with me.  Losing weight and getting healthy with a buddy is always helpful.  Nutrisystem has a great friends and family discount- so if you want to get fit with a pal, it's cheaper (and you can split the savings!)

One last little thing- lots of people ask me how the food actually tastes.  It's yum.  Truly.  There are few dishes that I've tried that I'm not going to be the president of the fan club for, but for the rest of them? They are really good.  Here's a pick of my plate from a couple of days ago.  Chicken and dumplins. (and a lot of them!)  I paired this with peas and our first watermelon of the season. Delish.

And now, the big reveal....
This week, I was down 3.6 pounds for an over all total of 13.6 pounds lost. (Holla!)

Kamron was down 5 whopping pounds this week for a total of 8 pounds lost.  He'll be blogging next week (the shock!) about what he thinks about the plan from a "manly" point of view.

Nutrisystem is extending their rock star 40% off plan, so if you want to join us, now would be the cheapest time!

Disclosure: In exchange for this review, I was provided at no cost, the full Nutrisystem plan.  However, all opinions are honest and are my own.

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