March 23, 2012

In case I forget...

This is one of those posts that is pretty much just for me to remember some of the silly things that go on in our house.  Since my kids' baby books are essential blank, I'm hoping to be able to look back here to find out all the little things that happen in our lives.  When I'm 80, there better still be dinosaur technology that will let me see this blog so that it doesn't turn into a lost art form, like the 8 track, or 8 millimeter film.  On a side note- if you want something to stick around, don't put 8 in the name, obviously it must be a nickname for technological death.

So- on to the remembering...

- Sadie has named her body parts.  Her armpits' names are Amy and Lisa.  Her belly button goes by Meldon.  She is getting too old to want me to share any of her life on this blog any more, but I had to make this one exception because this is something I want to remember to tease her about in her wedding toast (because I will be her matron of honor, dammit!) 

- When asked if Noah had named his pits, he said that he couldn't because half of his parts were girls and the other half were boys and he wasn't sure which was which.  My mother says this qualifies him for therapy.  I say I'll let him sort it out when he's a confused adult on his own dime.  Either way- I want to freeze him at 5 years old forever.

- Miles is becoming quite the prayer.  I haven't yet figured out if video taping his prayers is sacrilegious or not- so for now, I'll just write it.  It goes something like this:   Deaw Jesus, zezezezezezeze airplane, zezezezezeezeze vacation, zezeezezeezeeezee my house.  Thank you for Miles.  Thank you my bwudah, my sistah.  zezezezezezeeezeze Amen!   Evidently, he is a main ideas kind of boy and the other words don't matter enough to say so he just makes a joyful noise and peppers it with the occasional important word.  Kind of like the teacher in Charlie Brown. Wah wah wah wah wah.

I love those crazy little boogers.

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