March 05, 2012

Mugshot Monday- SNOW!

It's our first real snow day today here in the Commonwealth (kind of a rarity around these parts).  We slept in, had some breakfast and then hit the snow!  After putting on all the coats, gloves, snow pants, boots, hats, and then taking it all off when someone decided they had pee and then going through the whole process again, we finally made it outside.

Pure Cuteness.

Do not let the smiles fool you.  10 minutes later it got ugly.

Take One.

Take Two

Take 3.  Open your eyes, people!  I gave up after this!

His sheer adorableness overwhelms me sometimes.

"Mom, it tastes like cold."

"Take my picture while I pose like a model by this tree."  What in the world am I in for!?

And then it all went south. Quickly. Miles: "I no wike da snow. My hands fweezin and I got a snotty nose. I go in da house wight now!!!" This child can't handle it when it dips below 90 degrees. You can take the boy out of the Congo, but you can't take the Congo out of the boy.

 I thought that a cup of hot chocolate with multi colored marshmallows would do the trick to make everyone warm and happy again.  But because this is real life, it ended up that they all fought over who got which mug and who had more marshmallows.  But dude, do my kids know how to pull it together for a photograph or what?!  Either way, it was totally worth those 10 awesome minutes in the beautiful snow.  The big kids are back at it (and could stay out all day if I'd let them!) and Miles is toasty and warm watching cartoons.  It's win/win for everyone.  Gotta love a good snow day! 

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