March 20, 2012

Truth, Dare or Death

When we go out in public, Miles overwhelmingly garners the most attention from strangers of all of our kids.  Part of it is that he's tiny and cute (and brown).  The other part is that he is ridiculously outgoing.  He will not let you get away without having a conversation with him or giving him a high five. 

But in our home?  At home, he's the youngest kid that gets snowed by his older brother and sister.  He's at the bottom of the pecking order and his brother and sister are figuring out that they can a) blame the youngest for anything that goes wrong and b) convince the youngest to do whatever they say.

Lately, Sadie and Noah have been very into playing truth or dare.  Their truth questions just kill me.  They are silly things like: "Have you ever kissed a mouse?" or "what's your favorite popsicle?".  Those are some scandalous questions, no?  But somehow, this game has evolved to now be "Truth, Dare, or Death".  When Sadie and Noah play, no one EVER picks death.  I believe the "death" option is their generation's equivalent of the "triple dog dare". 

Miles was beginning to have that 3rd child left out feeling whenever the big kids played this game and so they finally allowed him to join in the Truth, Dare, or Death fun.  Miles ALWAYS picks death.  Yesterday, when Miles and Noah were playing, Noah convinced Miles to eat black pepper for his death challenge.  Miles grabbed the pepper shaker, loaded up his hand with a heaping pile of pepper and licked it off.  He was totally unphased and I think that Noah was little shocked that eating pepper did NOT, in fact, kill Miles dead on the spot.

Today, Noah was taking a bath and I could hear Miles sneak into the bathroom with him.  All of a sudden there was a lot of commotion and I ran in there as fast as I could.  There was a nekkid Noah sitting in the tub looking rather proud of himself and there in the middle of the bathroom floor was Miles.  The kid was soaking wet in all of his clothes dripping all over the place.   I thought that he had fallen in and I immediately made a big fuss over him.  But then the truth came out.  I asked Miles what happened and he said, "Noah say-ed me death my clothes."  Yup- Noah's death challenge was for Miles to jump in the tub fully clothed.  And when I found this out, there nearly was death. 

Needless to say, I've declared this game outlawed.  What this really means is that the children will now probably torture each other on the down low- just as it should be.  In about 20 years, I'm just imagining how many stories will start out, "Mom, we didn't tell you when it happened, but this one time..."  I can't wait.

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