April 02, 2012

Adoption Fundraiser Linkup (and a hidden giveaway!)

It seems to have been ages ago since I did an adoption/ministry fundraiser linkup over here at Millions of Miles!

I've got a few things that I'm really digging right now by way of fundraisers that I really want to share with you.  I'm all for grassroots ministries that are on the ground working in partnership with people around them.  One of those is Ekubo Ministries working in Uganda.  They are working with men and women to make shoes, crafts and jewelry that are not only gorgeous, but are helping the village become more self sustainable.  (Hello, teaching a man to fish!)
How awesome are these handmade shoes????  If you scoot over to the Millions of Miles Facebook page, I'm giving away a pair today.  Or, you can support this super cool ministry by checking out all of their amazing stuff.  Also- if you are an adoptive family in need of something to help you raise funds, Ekubo sells their beautiful paper beads at wholesale prices so you can resell to make money for your adoption.

Another favorite of mine is my something that my dear friend Natalie's daughter, Savannah, put together.  Savannah is 8 and has a huge heart for helping others.  She started her own business making and selling bookmarks and all of the money goes to Our Family In Africa- an organization serving orphans in the Congo.
Could she be any cuter?  Yes, you might not need a bookmark for your Kindle, but if we support kids in their efforts to be part of something bigger than themselves, they will grow up to be adults who set the world on fire.  You can check out all of Savannah's creations at her store READ AND REMEMBER.

AND now... on to all of you amazing adopting families.  My goodness there are so many of you!  I know that you are out there hustlin' to raise money to get your babes home.  Maybe you've tapped your circle of friends dry and just need a new place to get the word out?  Link up your fundraiser here! If you  know of a family's fundraiser- do them a favor and link it up!  I do ask that if you link up your fundraiser (or even if you don't) that you please share this post with your friends (through FB, twitter, your blogs or whatever) so that others who are wanting to support adoptions can get connected with families who need their support!  I'm using a new link tool that allows you to post a picture of what you are selling and a link to where you can buy it. This linky party is only for families raising money for adoptions/ministries.  All other links will be removed.  Happy linking and happy shopping!  Let's help some families get their kids home!

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