April 12, 2012

Checking in- Week 10

I'm rounding out week 10 on NutriSystem and Kamron is rounding out week 5.  I'm finding that this is FINALLY becoming a lifestyle. (I wonder if the kind people at Nutrisystem will let me keep doing this forever!?)  Nutrisystem is truly just fancy portion control and I think my body is slowly reprogramming itself to remember what a single portion is supposed to look like.  Even when we go out to restaurants and I go "wild" and order whatever I want to eat, I can't finish nearly what I used to be able to eat.  Something in my brain has finally clicked that I don't need to gorge and I can stop at satisfied instead of overstuffed.  However, I have had to have a few stern talks with myself that sweet potato fries are NOT a vegetable! (It's my current weakness)

I also find that with this plan, we are both tending to lose weight in chunks- a killer week and then a plateau and then another big chunk lost.  Now that I know that this is my pattern, I tend to not freak out as bad when I hit a plateau.  I'm learning to celebrate victories that don't come on the scale- like being able to pull off my favorite pair of jeans (that were tight two months ago) without undoing the button.  That was kind of fun.

Here is the current thing we are both dying over:

Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Chip Muffin- coupled with a protein shake, it's the breakfast of champions! 

Every few weeks I change my mind about what my favorite thing is about Nutrisystem.  I think because I've tried to lose the pounds in so many different ways before, I've got a pretty good grasp about how this plan is so different than the rest.  Here's what I find most helpful about Nutrisystem: it's already here in my cabinet.  If I had a bad day on a plan in the past, that would often lead to a second off day and before I knew it, I was toast and back to my old ways.  But with Nutrisystem being delivered to my house (and a whole month of food at a time) it's just here waiting for me.  And I don't know about you, but if it's already here, than I'm sure not going to waste it.  Essentially, it's the accessibility that keeps me on track.
This is our Nutrisystem cabinet.  Seriously- it's so much food, it needs it's own cabinet.  And if this is just ready and waiting for me, then by golly, I'm going to eat it!  This keeps me going because there is no excuse NOT to stay on the plan when it's sitting there calling out to me.  Plus, there is a really cute model who likes to open that cabinet a hundred times a day.

Over the last two weeks, I've lost 1.9 pounds for a total of 15.5 pounds lost.  That averages out to about a pound and a half a week which I am thrilled with.  It makes me confident that I am doing this the RIGHT WAY!

Kamron is holding steady at 8 pounds lost for his 5 week total.  I think he's feeling a little frustrated that it's not falling off faster, but slow and steady wins the race. (And keeps the weight off longer!) I'm so proud of him! 

If you want to join us on this journey to reclaim our health, I'd love to have you!  If you want to shoot me an email, I'll send you a coupon for $30 off your Nutrisystem order.

Disclosure: In exchange for this review, I was provided at no cost, the full Nutrisystem plan. However, all opinions are honest and are my own.

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