April 06, 2012

Driveway Dancing, Money Making Schemes And An Attack From My Innards

My kids are all going through these phases that are especially cute right now.  This means that they are only driving me bat crap crazy about 28% of the time.  This is major.

Here are just a few of the things going on 'round these parts:

*Sadie and Noah are beginning to learn about money.  For over a year they have been saving and pooling their money to buy a trampoline when we move and actually have a back yard that doesn't slope.  They just about have enough (although it's beginning to feel like we are never going to find a place to move to!)  They are beginning to get creative with their methods of fundraising.  Their latest scheme is charging us for nightly entertainment. As I was doing the frantic 4 pm clean-up (you know, the one you do right before the spouse comes home from work to make it look like you were productive during the day) they handed me this gem of an invitation:
My favorite is the "real money please".  These people have finally gotten smart enough to realize that mama's IOU means nada.  And then they had to go and pull at my heartstrings with the hospital donation.  Love their money grubbing hearts.  They wanted to wait until Daddy got home from work so that they could also charge him $4.  I told them that $8 was unrealistic.  They argued that they would allow Miles to come for free.  How generous of them.  We gave them each a dollar for their hard work and for the rights to their performance(they worked all afternoon on the choreography).  I'm showing you their driveway dancing for free.  You're welcome. 

*Noah is just killing me with his sweetness.  How can you resist this face?

He has been going around the neighborhood picking all of our neighbor's flowers during the day when they aren't at work to stop him.  Sorry neighbors.  One day, I told him that he could only pick flowers out of our yard.  My bouquet looked like this:
Only a mother could love a big cup full of weeds and long pieces of grass.  Mostly I love that he wants to spend his afternoons picking flowers for his mama.  Well, that and being a daredevil with his brother.  This is why I love having boys:

This is why I don't want to have any more of them:

*Spring Break is next week.  We are going to be staying home, hopefully sleeping in (yeah, right) and doing some fun activities close to home.  The kids had so many good ideas about things that they wanted to do during their break from school.  Their list got so big that we had to call it the "Spring Break AND Summer Break Dream List".  We may be working our way down this list over every school break between now and their high school graduations.

* In case you are wondering, we haven't had any foster placement calls.  This is probably a HUGE blessing right now.  For a year I've been battling pain in my abdomen.  All this time, one of my doctors has been blaming my ovaries. "Mrs. Terry, your ovaries are covered in schmutz." has been my favorite medical explanation for my pain. Me and my ovaries have a Hate/Hate relationship. 

This week, I finally got sick of being doubled over after dinner every night and being unable to button my pants because of tenderness in my midsection.  I went for a second opinion.  I was poked and prodded and yelped out with pain when she touched my belly.  And this doctor was all like, "Holy moly!  I don't think this is your ovaries. I can't believe no one has thought to tell you that you probably have gallstones!"  For a FREAKING YEAR!  So she set me up with an ultrasound next week and she said that most likely I'll be saying goodbye to my gallbladder.  If this is what it is, I am going to kiss this woman.  Probably with my  mouth open because I will be so grateful.  I will put my gallbladder in a bag with pretty tissue paper and give it to her as a present. She will not know what hit her.  If you want to gross yourself out (and why wouldn't you) I'd recommend doing an image search for gallstones.  It's so beautiful it will make you vomit in your mouth a little bit. 

*  Our guinea pig will not stop growing.  I think that when we are asleep, Phil the Guinea Pig must get out of his cage and go hunting for large farm animals to gnaw on.  He's enormous.  And very loved.  Since Phil came into our family as a Christmas gift, I doubted my children's commitment to his daily care.  But they have shocked me to death by taking care of him, feeding him, cleaning out his cage and playing with him every day.  This little guy makes the best pet ever.

No, he's not spoiled at all :-)
Now the children are trying to convince me that we need to start a guinea pig breeding farm.  While I do think that this could be a good form of exercise for our fat Phil, I refuse to give in.  They want to sell the babies and start an illegal guinea pig mill.  It all goes back to their scheming ways to make money.  (See paragraph one above).  They want that trampoline BAD.

*  I hope that your Easter weekend is SUPER LOVELY. 

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