April 03, 2012

The More Things Change...

... The more they stay the same.

Two years ago in the summer of 2010, Miles felt this innate desire to match his daddy step for step as he cut the grass every week.  Miles had only been home for about 6 months and something about this weekly mowing tradition was good bonding and a good way for Miles to establish his place in his Daddy's heart.
August 2010

And now here we are, and the mowing season of 2012 is upon us.  I figured that by now, the fascination with a plastic mower and walking in endless rows up and down the yard would be over.  But still, Miles is matching Daddy step for step all over the yard. It takes about an hour to cut our yard and Miles goes the full hour, row after row, pushing that plastic mower right next to his role model.  He is Daddy's boy through and through. 

April 2012

It's so nice to know that at a time when a million things seem to be changing around here, that some of my very favorite things haven't changed a bit.

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