May 10, 2012

Catching Up

Oh my, I am weary.  Weary from an amazing, life giving, reaffirming time away at Summit 8.  Tired from little man Miles who, while he has been so good during the day, has stayed up all night roaming the house to make sure that mama is still here now and isn't leaving again.  He won't say that's why he's up all night just checking in, but I know why it is.  It's in the times where he walks up to me and just touches my shirt and then walks away again.  He may not realize it, but I know that he's just checking in and making sure that I'm still here.  Nearly two and a half years later and we are still doing this dance.  Last night we tried that dance with melatonin.  I'm a fan of that dance.

Leaving is always hard (see my last post about prepping for a trip).  Coming home is sometimes bitter sweet.  Especially from something like Summit, where I can just tangibly feel confirmation and grace reigning down about how this life is the exact one chosen for me by my creator and how freakin' privileged I am to get to be the one to live it.  And then you come home from all that confirmation to the chaos that is everyday life and you immediately say, "Dude!  Remind me again why I do this!?!"

I laid in my bed on Sunday night after coming home, next to my husband who was just listening to me jabber on in my jet lag induced stupor.  I seriously couldn't stop counting the blessings that we have.  I felt like I was absolutely on top of the world.  And then I woke up Monday morning and the routine tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey there.  Remember me?"    That's when I punched the routine in the face.  He lived, don't worry- but we are still fighting.  

So because I don't want to go another 10 days without posting due to my funk, I'm just tossing out some snippets of our life over these past few weeks:

SUMMIT:  Seriously- this will one day get it's own post, but for now, I'll just hit the highlights.  These ladies were it:
These are my Orphan Sunday peeps (Lavonne Diedon and Jodi Tucker- who wrote a great book about a mom's perspective on adopting older children.  I read it over the weekend and loved her candor and honesty.)  We were behind the booth wrangling in the masses telling them about Orphan Sunday and how they can take awareness about the plight of the orphan to their church.  I must have said, "Can I tell you about Orphan Sunday" one too many times because on Saturday morning I couldn't get any noise to come out of my throat. (You are welcome, strangers that I encountered on the plane)  Missing from the picture was Jan. We must have taken this picture during the five minutes that Jan wasn't behind the booth.  I loved her instantly.  She hails from Michigan and kept me in stock of Michigan's famous dried sour cherries.  I thought that it was super cool that she brought something unique from her hometown to share.  I wondered why I didn't do that and then realized that the powers that be probably wouldn't have been too happy with me if I started passing out Kentucky's finest bourbon at a Christian conference.  Maybe I'll save that idea for the next conference that I go to?

My cousin, Josh, lives in Orange County and I figured out that we've only seen each other once in the last 8-10 years.  So we met up and I snuck him into the last night of the conference.  He's a ridiculously awesome artist.  He had all of his artwork in the back of his car, so I got to buy a painting of his that I LOVE.  Major score.

My youth ministers from high school (Brad and Missy) got married (how fun is that!) and they moved their little family to Pasadena several years ago.  I got to hook up with them and their cute children for dinner (at In N Out burger so I got to cross something off my Life List!!!!) and then I got to see a west coast beach.  I can't even tell you how much of an impact these two people had on my life as a teenager.  I'm also shocked that they want to claim to know me after being around my 16 year old angst.  It sure takes a special kind of person to do youth ministry.

 I got to meet Steven Curtis Chapman.

This man is a tireless advocate for orphans and adoptive families.  And his wife?  Well, she's just amazing and real and raw and the kind of woman that I want to be.  I cried the whole time when he was singing "I Will Be Here" because- well, because I'm sappy like that.  And then when I met him I got all weird and giggly and muttered something like "I think you're cool" or some other such nonsense.  I get squirrely around famous people.  It was not however, as bad as the incident when I met Giulianna Rancic and my boob half came out of my dress.   Speaking of boobs...

HEALTH:  I had my 6 month follow-up mammogram after my baseline mammogram last year showed "suspicious spots".  6 months ago, they did an ultrasound and determined that we were just going to watch "the area" and see if anything changed.  So yesterday, I went back, did all the squishing and then met the doctor.  Nothing changed (Hallelujah!) but they are still keeping me on the mammogram every six months program from now until kingdom come.  And after all that?  The diagnosis they gave me is still...
Ahhh, probably benign.  For the second time, this is the very scientific diagnosis I have been given.  They have assured me that in another six months, if the "suspicious spots" have still not changed that they will changed the diagnosis to "benign".  That's good, right?  Uggggh.

Also- remember that I was doing all kinds of test because my doctor thought that I had gall stones?  After two different tests, we've determined that my gall bladder is fine.  But, everything in my abdomen is still swollen, I have, at times, severe abdominal pain, and I have chronic nausea that causes me to dry heave several times a day if I do something scandalous like walk across the living room too fast. (And NO!  I am NOT preggers)  The next step is an abdominal CT.  And after consulting with some pals, I think I'm also going to demand a complete blood workup.  I'm sure that doctors hate when their patients demand stuff, but by golly, this mystery illness is really putting a cramp in my lifestyle and I'd like to figure out what it is!

FOSTER CARE:  We still haven't gotten our first placement call.  I am beginning to wonder if this is EVER going to happen.

NUTRISYSTEM:  We are still doing it.  It is beginning to feel like eating less junk is finally becoming a lifestyle.  (This after I just wrote about going to In N' Out)  Since the last update, I am down 2.2 pounds (bringing me to a total of 17.2 pounds lost) and Kamron is down 3 pounds (for a total of 11 pounds lost).  He's exercising up a storm.  I'm trying to drink a lot of water.  Overall, the little changes are adding up and paying off.  I can't say enough about how easy Nutrisystem makes it to take better care of our bodies.

KIDS:  Sadie was a rock star at her second grade play, "Rock and Roll Forever".  She was so stinkin' cute being a little soda shop girl from the 50's.

She's decided that she might just "need" glasses permanently after she got so many compliments on how cute she looked in her costume glasses.  She's all of a sudden complaining of vision loss.  Imagine that.  I'll liken it to the time in the fourth grade that I used the foil gum wrapper to make braces because I wanted them so badly.  She also dealt with her very first bully on the bus. One of the boys on the bus decided that it would be hilarious to make toot and burp noises and blame it on Sadie.  She came running off the bus dripping tears.  I wanted to beat the daylights out of that boy, but my girl handled it with grace.  She said, "I'll just tell him that it hurt my feelings and ask him not to do it."  And it worked.  Sometimes that Sadie is wise beyond her years.

We have been singing a song for weeks now that Miles made up during a car ride with my mother.  Warning: this little ditty is addictive:

ODDITIES:  We have one daycare in our town.  Just one. And it's next to a graveyard.  And they have this little sign outside of their daycare that says "Now enrolling".  Only they actually put the sign past the building so that it is right in front of the graveyard.
I'll bet people are just dying to enroll.  

And that's our lives in a nutshell!  Have a great Thursday!

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