June 26, 2012

Kindness and Tortellini

The Terry kids just seem to have a knack for always being at the right place at the right time.  Since we are still in house hunting mode, tonight we took our weekly drive through the country looking at houses and land and dreaming about places we'd like to live.

In a neighboring city, there is a development that got started right before the housing market crashed.  You can tell they had big dreams for this neighborhood.  It was supposed to be the premier development in town- with horse riding trails up and down the rolling hills. In theory, it was good- it just didn't work out that way.  As it is now- there are a few houses back there and an enormous stable and horse training area.  As we drove by the training ring, we noticed that there was a woman who was saddling up her horse.  We decided to get out (except for Miles, who was dead asleep in the van) and watch the woman exercise her horse.

Here in Kentucky, there are "horse people" and "non-horse people".  We belong in the "non-horse people" category.  We don't really know a thing about horses other than that they look gorgeous in the fields all around our town.  We live in the Saddlebred Horse Capital of the world and my poor husband has never even been on a horse.  

Anyway... there we were huddled up around the fence watching this woman trot her horse around.  She was nice enough to bring her horse, Tortellini, over to the fence to say hi to us.  She gave the kids permission to walk around back and go through the stables and see all horses that were being boarded there.  They were totally in heaven!

Then, the clouds parted, the angels started singing and we rounded a corner and saw...

... this darling little pony named Daisy.  I kid you not- it only took about 0.3 seconds before I heard, "MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!  Can we have a POOOOOOOONY??????  Oh my gosh Mom, we NEEEEEEEEEED a pony!  Look how cute!!!!!"

I convinced them that we don't have room for a pony in our one car garage and that maybe we could discuss this later.  Noah said he'd just ask Santa for one.  After all, Santa did bring them a guinea pig so live animals are no obstacle.  *sigh*

We were totally pumped up about getting to tromp through the stables and love on all the horses.  As we were walking back to Kamron and Miles (who was still asleep in the van) we stopped at the fence to watch the  woman exercise her horse a little more.  She started trotting the horse back to where we were.  I totally expected her to ask the children what they thought of the horses in the stable.  Instead, that awesome stranger said, "Do you want to ride?"  My kids lit up and could not stop grinning.  They were rendered totally speechless and they stared at me to answer for them.  There was a little bit of questioning in their eyes as they looked at me- as if to say, "Mom!  Do not screw this up for us by saying no!"

Of course, we said yes and that sweet woman put the kids on the horse and let them ride.  

We gave Tortellini lots of love and his owner many thanks and the kids walked back to the car saying, "Best night EVER!"

I love how a simple drive through the country turned in to such a treat- and how the kindness of a complete stranger made two kids the happiest kids on the planet!  Sometimes the goodness in people just blows me away.

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