June 07, 2012

Random Goodies

It's the first week of summer vacation- which means that my brain is on overload and we are trying to get in the swing of things. The best I can muster is a little bulleted blogging...

* Noah and I curled up together on the couch the other night to watch something on TV. We were all snuggled together so sweetly and I was really trying to savor the moment. A commercial came on for some sort of miracle hair repair that promised to tame your frizzies and make your wild hair look like super model hair. Noah so innocently looked at me and said, "Mom. I'll get you some of that stuff. I think you really need it." Thanks, darling. You are too kind.

*We've heard a little rumor that our homestudy is on a supervisor's desk. Which means that at any time (which we've been thinking for months) we could finally get the call about some foster kiddos. I hear that this time they really mean it when they say it could be soon. So in case you are the time calculating kind- it's been six full months from the time that we started our foster care classes and still no kids. Which is okay- but it's a little weird to walk by that empty bed every day. In this waiting time, we've discovered a couple of older children in foster care who are waiting for moms and dads (with parental rights already terminated) that we are inquiring about. We still go back and forth about whether or not we want to foster or adopt or do one then the other. I think that the further into this that we get, one way or the other will become clear. We'll just see how it all turns out. I'm pumped! Usually the unknown scares the crap out of me, but for some crazy reason I feel so peaceful about this whole thing.

*Do you remember that post that I wrote about the disaster that happened when I cut my own hair? Well, it won a BlogHer Voice of the Year Award in the humor category. It's always fun to be honored and recognized like that :-)

* After two different tests on my gall bladder and scans on my ovararies, there is still no answer to the mystery illness that is causing me to be naseated DAILY and makes me heave in the sink, the yard, out the van window, in church and everywhere else I go. I'm being sent to another specialist at the end of the month (a GI doc- which is probably where I should have been referred eons ago). Hopefully they will just take all of my guts out, give them a thorough once over and a good cleaning and then I'll be good as new and won't feel the need to puke constantly. That would rock my face. In the mean time- I'm totally open to hearing your diagnoses for my mystery puking illness. It also includes abdominal pain, intestinal distress (ahem) headaches and fatigue. Consider this your very own ghetto version of "You Be The Doctor".

* While my big kids were at swim practice this morning and Miles was at the daycare at the gym, I put on my shoes and went for a nice long walk. It was AWESOME. I blasted some Rusted Root and just smiled my whole way around the track. There is a pretty big downhill part on the course and in a moment of inspiration I decided to sprint down that hill. My butt cheeks were flapping up and down with some major force. Seriously, they were going with such force that there was actually a thump felt in my body when they landed on their natural resting place. I thought that my boobs would hit the clouds. Even the fat on my cheeks was flapping, but holy moly, there is just something fun and childlike about sprinting as fast as you can. Granted that fun only lasted about 12 seconds before the hill started to go up instead of down and I was all, "Oh hell no! I am not running uphill!" and I decided to walk again. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try to make it 13 seconds? Or not. Also I came to the conclusion that listening to Rusted Root is probably what it would sound like if you gave a whole bunch of drunk jungle animals some musical instruments and told them to have at it. I freaking love it.

* Our youngest learned how to wipe his own behind last week.  It's like all of my parenting dreams have come true.  Can I get an amen?

* Speaking of prayers, about 6 months ago, when I was praying with the kids before bed, I must have gotten distracted.  I finished what I was saying and instead of saying "amen" I accidentally said, "okay, bye".  My kids will NOT let me live this down and they dissolve into a fit of laughter every time they think about it.  Every night they say, "Do you remember when you said bye instead!?!"  Ummm, kids- if you remind me about it daily I will never be able to forget it!

* Also? These wild people spent over an hour in this little 4 square foot "cave" they built yesterday. Whoever said that kids need expensive toys has obviously never met the Terry kids when they are in their pillow cave. Love.

Don't let them fool you, though.  These are the same kids who told me 45 times yesterday that they were bored and who I contemplated selling to the Jehovah's Witnesses who came to the door before dinner.  Whatever.  It's all part of the joys of summer vacation, right?    

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