July 01, 2012

These Days

Summer is just flying by in a weird blur where the days are long but the weeks feel short.  If I were to write a snippet of our daily schedule, it would look like this:

wake up
eat breakfast/make breakfast for the masses
throw up
get everyone ready and drive to swim practice
come home from swim practice
listen to five rounds of "mom!  I'm hungry" while I make lunch
throw up
listen to five rounds of "mom!  I'm bored"
wash and dry a load of beach towels for the 48th time
hear "mom!  Can I have a snack/I'm hungry/I'm thirsty/do we have anything to eat/why don't we have anything good to eat?"
break up fights between two boys who are way too close in age
hear "mom!  Can I have a friend over?"
pick up a friend (or two or three)
try to do some kind of activity in the backyard or go to the pool or play UNO or checkers for the eleventeenth time
Come in and look in the kitchen cabinets and expect dinner to magically materialize
Get disappointed that dinner does not materialize and wonder why I think that it will every. single. day.
Make the dinner
Throw up
Play outside/watch movies/hang out
Put kids to bed ("Mom!  Can I have a glass of water?  Mom, I need to pee! Mom, I'm going to puke!  Mom! There is a gorilla in the closet!")
Kids get out of bed
Put kids back to bed
Kids get out of bed
Put kids back in bed and don't be nice about it
Kids get out of bed
Put kids back to bed while threatening their lives.
Throw up
Crawl into bed and crash

See?  That's no fun to read about.  Hence my absence in the blogging world.  We are having a lot of fun but making sure that everyone has fun in the summer is a lot of work on a mom.  Can I get an amen!?

And as for the throwing up?   Y'all overwhelmingly diagnosed my mystery illness as Celiac disease.  I finally got into the GI doc last week and she seemed to agree with you.  She also mentioned things like Crohn's and all kinds of other good stuff.  She used the word "blowout" within the first minute of our meeting and I told her that I loved her.  I just love a woman who uses the word "blowout" in her everyday vernacular.  I'm set up with a scope in every direction that a gal can get scoped in about 3 weeks.  Hopefully, after that, I can get a more definitive diagnoses.  While waiting to see the doctor, I told the physician's assistant that I'd been having severe pain for over a year and he suggested that I try to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I considered punching him in the nose.  Thankfully, the doctor was a rock star and took my symptoms seriously and did not suggest that I'd be fixed by fruit.  Smart woman.

It feels strange to bury this in the middle of a post, but we are laying my 96 year old Nana (my great-grandmother) to rest tomorrow.  She had been in the nursing home with Alzheimers for years and so it truly is a blessing that she went peacefully.  At 96, I know that her body was tired and ready to rest.  I took Sadie to visit her in the nursing home a couple of days before she passed away.  She was in rare form.  Normally, my Nana was a very serious person.  That day she was very giggly.  Sadie and I got cracked up at how giggly she was and it was a nice way to spend our last bits of time with her.  We talked to her about Jesus.  I said, "Nana.  I know that Granny talks to you a lot about Jesus."  She responded with a snarky, "Yeah- what about him?"  It was very typical Nana response that makes me smile just thinking about it.  Sadie and I painted her toenails in an old lady mauve color that my Nana has worn since I was a wee babe.

Sadie is having a really hard time with her passing. Sadie's heart is very tender and she's at an age where she doesn't really understand death.  She's had a lot of questions about whether or not it hurts to die and if children can just pass away during their sleep.  She has a lot of anxiety about it which just breaks my heart.  I can remember feeling that way when I was her age.  I think that I've told her just about every thing that I can to try to comfort her, so I'm just holding her sometimes while she cries.  I know that this is just something that she has to work through.  I'm just so thankful that the last memories we have with my Nana are happy ones.

I think that it's always strange the way that a loved one's passing makes me contemplate what I want my legacy to be.  It helps me remember that washing those beach towels for the 400th time is worth it if it means that my children will remember that mom loved to take them to the pool in the summer.  Or that it's worth putting them to bed a zillion times a night if it means that they will remember that they got an extra hug every time they got tucked in (even they did get their life threatened in the process!).  It's the little things...

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