August 09, 2012

Empty Nest

There is something about the first day of kindergarten that just destroys a mama.  When Sadie started kindergarten a few years ago, I was a wreck.  I had been a stay at home mom for so long, I didn't know how to function when all my little ducks weren't at home.  By a few weeks into school, we hit a groove and Sadie loved it so much that it was a joy to watch her happily get on the bus and go to school.

Then this year rolled around and it was time for Noah to go to kindergarten.  Since this wasn't my first rodeo, I didn't think I'd be hit like a ton of bricks when the day finally came for him to leave the nest.  It hurt just as bad as the first time.  For days leading up to it, I'd get weepy for no good reason. Every time they'd show someone's mom on the Olympics, I'd bawl my eyes out and think of my little Noah going off into the world and me having to support him from the sidelines.

But he was pumped about going to school.  He's been wanting to go to kindergarten since his big sister went.  It's been his biggest life goal.  He has Sadie's same incredible teacher and one of his besties in his class and he felt totally comfortable and excited about the whole thing.  I put on my brave face in front of him, but fell apart frequently anytime anyone even mentioned kindergarten.

The big day finally came around yesterday.  The kids put on their new outfits and new shoes. (Sadie asked me why it makes you feel so good to wear a new outfit and I told her it was one of life's greatest mysteries)  They had giant smiles on their faces.  We loaded up in the van and went to breakfast- which is our first and last day of school ritual.  Then it was time to drop off.  They walked into school with confidence.  I took Noah to his room and he gave me a giant, tight hug in the hallway and in he went.  I felt so much in that hug: an era ending, the years marching by, and love.  So much love.

Then I took Sadie to her room.  She's a professional at this now and so she walked in her room like she was 16 instead of 8.  Where is time going?

They ran off the bus yesterday afternoon full of excitement and talking about all that had gone on with their day.  Noah said he learned how to read "all the words, every one of them" on his first day.  Sadie was happy to be back with all her friends.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of how happy they are and that gaining independence is natural and a GOOD thing.  But oh my goodness- it still hurts this mama to let them go!

 Heading out.  Kamron picked on me for taking this picture.  I explained to him that one day, this picture will be the equivalent of seeing pictures of our great grandparents in front of the horse and buggy.  That further cemented my lameness.

Ready to take on the world!

The first day wore them out so much that all they had the energy to do was lay around when they got home.  After bath time last night, I walked in on this snugglefest happening in the living room.  The Olympics in your skivvies, with a big bowl of popcorn and your siblings around you looks like a perfect night to me!


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