August 30, 2012

Pillow Caves

Our family is girl heavy.  My mom and dad both have 3 sisters.  Everyone has girls.  And if they had any boys (with the exception of one of my aunts) they only had one.  So I never really got to see how brothers acted growing up. 

Good Lord.  Boys are complex beings.  My boys are best friends and worst enemies and that dynamic changes on a dime.  They'll be playing and then all of a sudden one will punch the other in the face.  Then they'll help the hurt one stop their bloody nose.  It's very weird.  I can hardly keep up with the love/hate fest.  But sometimes... sometimes it is total love fest.

I've talked a couple of times about my boys and their affinity for pillows.  They used to spend hours making the perfect "pillow stack" to jump in- like a pillow pool.  But these days they are getting smarter.  Their capacity for engineering has taken a huge leap and a pillow stack is no longer cutting it.  Now they are into "caving". 

All over my house are these intricate cave systems made out of pillows.  The pillows are carefully stood on their ends and balanced perfectly- the big ones supporting the little ones.  Sometimes these caves get very elaborate with each boy getting their own "bedroom" in the cave.  One cave even had a storage unit to put their games and snacks in. 

I'm trying to get over the fact that these tunnels and caves make my house look like a disaster and block my path to the kitchen and the bathroom.  It's hard to be mad when they are having so much fun.  I think my favorite one of their cave houses was this one:

Please ignore my mess.  I thought about cropping it out, but I figured as long as my undies weren't spilling out of the hamper, then showing our real life wasn't so bad!

The reason it's my favorite cave house is because of this:

That pillow case draped over the laundry hamper is their TV.  For two straight afternoons they stayed curled up in their cave "watching" this TV.  The programming must be riveting.

Now, if I can just figure out how to keep them from beating the crud out of each other, I'd be in business!  About ten minutes after this was taken, one jumped off the bed on top of the other one WWE style and nearly crushed him.  I will never figure out the complexity that is the brother relationship.  Love/Hate.  Brothers. Best friends.  I LOVE it (96% of the time)!  


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