August 13, 2012


A little bulleted blogging on this fine Monday...

*  It's a little bit weird around here with the two big kids in school all day and only having Miles at home.  Miles is a completely different kid when he's one on one.  He's such an attention seeker in every. single. situation.  When there is no one here to compete for attention with he is the most delightful child on the planet.  He's quiet and well mannered and easy going and low maintenance.  Miles and low maintenance are words I never thought I'd put together in the same sentence.  He's having so much fun not sharing his stuff or his mama.  He's content to just get out one little car and push it around in a circle for HOURS.  (Which is weird because when the other kids are around he can't be still for 3 seconds) It's been just awesome to spend time with him one on one all day.  Then at 2:30 when the kids get off the bus it is game on and he's back to hell on wheels.  But for 7 hours he is pure angel.

* Miles starts back to preschool in 2 weeks and then he'll be gone for half days.  This will be the first time the kids will all be at school at the same time.  Whatever will I do with myself? My husband thinks I should sit down and actually type the book that's been written over and over again in my head and then sell it for a gobzillion dollars. (yeah right) I think I'd like to take a nap.  A nap that lasts for a solid month.  And then I'd like to become that mom that I always thought I'd be in my head: the one who gets a nutritious meal on the table every night and who has a house that is clean enough that you wouldn't be mortified if the preacher decided to pop in.  I'm not setting those as goals because I may just decide that when the kids are gone that I want to watch TV in my underwear and I wouldn't want those stupid goals hanging over my head.

*Speaking of clean houses...  You could actually eat off of my floors today.  But hurry by if you want to see it because I give it about 2 hours before it's completely destroyed again.  Yesterday, we had an open house.  We landscaped and pressure washed and I even painted the porch columns.  I cleaned out every single closet.  I bought a new vanilla scented candle to burn in the bedroom because a website told me that vanilla in the bedroom would make buyers think they were going to get lots of sex in that bedroom if they bought my house.  We worked for days getting this place in tip top shape and then... NO ONE showed up for the open house.  Shoot me now.  On the plus side, I did splurge on one of those Shark steam mops to get the floors extra clean.  I love it so much I may just steam the floors for fun.  (Not really, but it's pretty awesome)

* We are soaking up the last of pool season.  Sob.

* Almost 9 months into this process and we still don't have any foster kids.  Just to recap, in what seems like a lifetime ago, we did a homestudy, went though court in a third world country and traveled to Africa to bring home Miles in less time than it has taken to get kids in our home through foster care.  I'm trying to be patient.  I know that part of the reason it is taking so long is because we only have room for one extra bed in this house and so we can only take kids that aren't part of a sibling group- which really limits who they can call us about.  Y'all, I'm just ready to get this show on the road.  Sometimes I think the anticipation of starting something is more brutal than doing it.  The anticipation is killing me!

*  The Olympics took over my kid's lives.  Now they can't make a move in the house without asking me to "score" them.  "Mom, I'm going to skip and then somersault over to get my backpack.  Score me."  It's very cut throat.  Also, they now want to be platform divers.  Something about letting them hurl themselves off a three story platform at 35 miles an hour toward the water does not appeal to me.

* Remember how our dog sprained her wrist a few weeks ago?  I know, lame right?  Well, two days after the sprain she couldn't walk on a different leg and we had to take her to the emergency room where it was discovered that she had a flesh eating bacteria.  (It was all very Grey's Anatomy for animals)  She almost lost her life. Then she almost lost her leg.  And then, in miraculous fashion, she turned a corner and now just has to go to the vet every single day to get a new bandage on her leg.  But she's going to make it.  She's not that happy about it, though, because she is sporting a cone of shame.  I thought for a while she was on so many pain killers that she wouldn't even realize that she was in the cone, but she knows it.  Poor girl.  She is the most high maintenance outside dog that has ever lived.  And also the smelliest.

*  Sadie has recovered from her belly troubles.  It took a trip to the ER to clear out the blockage from her intestines.  That's all that she's permitting me to write about it on here.  So you can just catch my drift about how they removed that blockage.  Good times!

* Three nights last week, I had dreams where world peace depended upon me making out with various celebrities.  One night it was Sting.  The next night it was Jennifer Aniston.  The third night I was in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and I drew the line at kissing Gary Busey.  I will now take the blame for the lack of world peace.  A girl's gotta have her limits.  Evidently Gary Busey is mine.

*And lastly, how cute are these two waiting for the bus?

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