August 21, 2012

The Level Ten Tantrum and The Alien Head Wrap

We are finally getting settled into our back to school routines.  Well, almost.  Noah can't quite get used to going to school all day so he falls asleep in various places almost every afternoon.  It's kind of precious.  Except for the fact that since he never knows he's going to fall asleep he doesn't remember to go to the bathroom first.  It makes for a good bit of scrubbing when he wakes up. 

Sadie has also been a little tired.  This is evidenced by the stand off that she and I had this weekend.  Y'all, girlfriend was out of control.  If this was a window into her teen years, than boarding school is definitely in that girl's future.  I can't even remember what started the fight, but she got very diva and disrespectful and I *may* have gotten all flustered and reminded her that she's not too big for me to throw over my shoulder and slingshot into Alaska .  It was not pretty.  She had to go to her room so I could cool down she could cool down.  While she was there, she *may* have had to write an essay about what was going through her mind.  She *may* have titled it "The Day of The Level Ten Tantrum".  Then she took a three hour nap and woke up good as new and we had a good laugh at how ridiculous I look when I loose my temper with the kids.  Noah said I was like the moms on the cartoons who start turning red and then smoke comes out of their ears.  It's true.

In between all the tiredness, we had to say goodbye to our good friends, the Bidwells.  They just left for Haiti to be missionaries.  No amount of tear blocking anti-depressants could hold back the waterworks that came when saying goodbye to them.  You know how sometimes friends come along at just the right time in your life?  That was the Bidwells for us.  A few weeks after Miles came home, I met Monica at preschool pickup.  She was all cheery and said, "We just adopted our little guy, too!"  At the time, we didn't have any local adoptive families that we knew and out of that one simple sentence, our families grew together.  Noah and their Kilee are the best of friends.  And Miles and their Josiah are partners in crime.  We will sure miss our nights of fire pits in the backyard and weekly pizza buffet lunch runs with them, but we are so excited for them and this new journey they are on.  Plus- we can't wait to go to Haiti for spring break to visit!  (You can follow their blog HERE)

In the midst of my crying and falling apart as a parent, the man of our house, went to New York City for a four day business trip.  This means that we had lots of cereal for dinner and went to bed extra early. (I'm just making myself our to sound like the world's best mom ever, right?)  We redeemed ourselves by having an afternoon at the park when he got back into town.  It's beginning to feel like fall here and it was lovely playing soccer and kickball and pushing the kids on the swings.  The boys, especially, wanted to soak up the sunshine.

Miles starts back to preschool next week.  We took a little trip to the beauty supply store so that I could get the things I needed to put some twists in his hair since that's less daily maintenance for school days.  For the record, he loves his giant hair.  The bigger the better.  Last week he got out of the tub and spent a looooooong time looking at himself in the mirror admiring his "afro circus". 

As I was gathering the things I needed at the beauty store, I decided that I should pick up a new sleeping cap for Miles to protect his style from fuzzing up in his sleep.  I kid you not, this is what we found:

This is the one we bought because it was the only one small enough for his head.  But seriously?  Do not doubt that I will be writing their marketing department about their packaging.  Shorty?  Lil brotha?  Ummmm, stereotype much?

I also bought this on impulse, partly because my arms always fall asleep setting Miles hairstyles with the blow dryer, but mostly because I think it will be hilarious to see him in this alien like contraption.  I have a feeling that my children will fight over who's Halloween costume needs this gold head heater most. Good times.  Good times.

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