September 24, 2012

All Things Great and Small

Our lives are rolling on in awesome fashion these last couple of weeks.  In this case, many, many monumental things are happening!

Most importantly, my baby girl accepted Christ last week.  She and I went with her bestie and her mom to a Secret Keeper Girl event at our church.  If you've never heard of this, it's an event that talks to young girl and tweens about modesty and true beauty and believing that you are exactly the person God created you to be.  The message was one that I absolutely think all young girls need to hear.  And then at the end of the service, Sadie responded to the invitation to give her heart to Jesus.  As a mom- WOW- there is nothing quite like that feeling.  It deserves it's own post but right now I can't quite come up with the words to do it justice.  I know that she has her whole live ahead of her and that she will undoubtedly fall away at times, but it was so neat to see that little girl make such a big decision.  I'm sure that the magnitude of it won't be clear to her for years to come, but the foundation is there and I am so proud of her!

The other MAJOR thing that happened is that we bought this:


The Terry's new home will be on this 5 acre patch of heaven.  We are so excited!!  This is something we've been dreaming about, saving for and planning for years and it's finally happening.  Our house will be between those two gorgeous sycamore trees and we'll spend the next 50 years watching the deer off of our back deck.  We are hoping to begin construction in about 5-6 weeks and move in the spring.

And in the last bit of monumental stuff- Noah scored his first goal in soccer!

And in the not so monumental...

We determined that we've probably set a record for the world's most obese guinea pig.  Even after careful control of his diet, Phil will not stop growing.  I am convinced that he's actually half guinea pig and half regular pig.

We won some cheap tickets to an amusement park at a charity auction.  Our kids had never been to an amusement park before and I think they thought they'd died and gone to heaven!


There are lots and lots of big things on the horizon in this house!  I'm trying hard to turn the stress of all the upcoming decisions into excitement and remember to enjoy the process.  Y'all remind me of that next week when I'm totally freaking out, will ya'? 

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