September 19, 2012

Free Range Kids

Our kids are soooooo over this selling our house thing.  (Frankly, so are we!)  It would be nice to know where we are going and just get there already.  It would also be nice to stop keeping this house "show ready".  But we are trying to remember that we can't control the timing of this whole thing and that perhaps the reason that it's taking so long to sell our house is that the Big Man upstairs is just not ready for us to stop making memories here. (And by Big Man, I mean God.  Not a giant we keep locked in the attic.)

It seems like our Sunday afternoons are spent going to Open Houses or driving around looking at the listings our realtor sends us.  I could drive around and look at houses (or pour over house plans) until the cows come home.  The kids- not so much.

Last night we wanted to go and look at a piece of property that is a potential building site if we decide we are up for building a house.  We knew we needed to get creative if we were going to keep the kids from melting down when we announced that we'd be going to look at it.  We threw on their helmets and put their bikes and scooters in the van and told them we were going "exploring".

Not a bad place to go "exploring", huh?  People can knock Kentucky all they want- with the no teeth and no shoes jokes- but I think there is no where in the world more gorgeous!

We walked all over the property and the kids decided where they would put tree houses and forts and tents and campfires in case we ever "settled this land".

We took a little break on the fence and the light was so beautiful that I had to catch a picture of my loves.

After having such a bad week last week, it was great to get out and walk around and watch the kids dream big dreams and play like the carefree people they are.  

I think they were destined to be free range country kids.  They got off the bus this afternoon and asked if we could go back there to "explore" some more tonight after dinner.  Whoever said trickery in parenting is bad has obviously never actually raised children.

Also, they've never seen the parental benefits that come from all that "exploring".

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