September 11, 2012

From One Sister To Another

We've been chatting with our kids a lot about what fostering will be like.  When we went into this, we thought we'd only be open to adoption and the kids got into their heads that whoever ended up in our house would be there forever.  Now we are undoing that.  We are teaching them phrases like, "Our foster sister will probably only be staying with us while her Mommy is getting ready for her" or "Sometimes we will only get to love on our foster sisters for a little while". 

I was talking to our social worker about this and she made a great point- if the oldest gets it, she'll teach the others how to feel about it.  So we are continually working at preparing our Sadie's heart for how this will go in hopes that it will trickle down to the boys.  After all, this is a family endeavor. As we are family in waiting, it's great to see how our kids' hearts and minds are processing everything. We talked to Sadie about some of the emotions that kids who come into our house might have.  We explained to her that they might be scared, anxious, nervous, shy or sad about having to leave their home and come here.  Shy, nervous and anxious are things that Sadie relates to well- as she's just a natural born worrier.  She said, "I think I'll write a letter to them so they know they don't have to be scared. "  So Sadie took to the computer a few weeks ago and wrote a letter to her future foster sisters that (with her permission) I wanted to share because it was just so precious!

From Sadie:


My name is Sadie.

When you come to our home we will love on you, take care of you, and make you happy!

We have a bunch of people & pets in this  house. First is my dad Kamron. And my mom Megan. Me. My brothers Noah & Miles. My guinea pig Phil & my dog Emma.

We will share a room if you want. We can go ride bikes, jump rope, run around in the back yard, and play with the neighbors. Some of our neighbors can be aggressive, but we don’t play with them because they are determined to do something bad.

At my school, we have a lot of fun. Maybe you will like it there. At recess I like to play on the jungle gym. And sometimes I do the monkey bars. I can skip bars on the monkey bars.

The rules in our house are: be kind to one another. Listen to Kamron and Megan. Pick up after yourself. We don’t do very good on that rule. Or going to bed on time.

What we like to do as a family is play board games, play in the yard, play tickle monster, eat, roast marshmallows in the backyard, watch Amazing Race, and go camping with our Papaw. Sometimes we joke around.

Sometimes when Noah and Miles are bugging me, I go in my room and lock the door and start reading a book. I like to read a lot. Or when Noah and Miles are bugging me, I go and watch TV in my mommy and daddy’s room.

Some of my favorite things are reading, and math. My favorite character is Hello Kitty. I LOVE Hello Kitty! I like playing with the boys. I like going to school. But I don’t like waking up early! I ride the bus to school and I ride it home.

We go on vacations very often. Sometimes we go to Florida and Mexico to the beach. But my favorite part is the pool! We go to Great Wolf Lodge to the waterpark. My favorite part is the water roller coaster. It goes really fast. Maybe you can come on trips with us!

I really like to play with Phil. In the morning when I wake up for school he is squeaking to death! He sounds like a mouse getting squeezed by a boa constrictor! Only louder!

I can’t wait to meet you and when I do iknow we will have fun!



P.S. if you don’t like HELLO KITTY I like any other character except Elmo & Fred!(I'm not allowed to watch Fred.)

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