September 10, 2012

Mugshot Monday- Anniversary Edition

My Mom and my Granny split kid duty this weekend and the mister and I headed off for a romantic weekend away KIDLESS to celebrate our anniversary!  I *may* have been so excited, that I did this while singing "Born Free" in front of the hotel:

I could only do it once or twice because I made a commitment to wear my non-old lady panties for the special weekend and those do NOT lend themselves to multiple cartwheels.   I think my approach even impressed my husband.  Look out Gabby Douglas.

But on to more important things... We had a great time being away together commemorating our 10 years of marriage!  We had massages and we went horseback riding!

We had a nice dinner out and got dressed up like respectable people!

We slept in (blissful!) and stayed up late giggling and playing cards in the hotel room and listening to bands in various spots in the hotel.  We also had a blast exploring the grounds and taking in the sites.

Holding up that dome is hard work!
When you set the self timer on the camera, you just never know what it's going to catch you doing.

We checked on the kids via text message over the weekend and here is what was reported to us:

1.  Noah wants a baby (sorry kid- this is NOT going to happen)

and 2.  A camel walking down the street lost it's footing and almost fell on Miles.  (yes, that was a strange text to receive!) 

But don't worry, all camels and kids were fine.  Overall- it was a FABULOUS weekend celebrating our 10th.  Here's to the next 10!

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