October 22, 2012

Disney- Part 1

Last week was amazing!  Our family spent the week at the happiest place on Earth as ambassadors for Global Resort Homes.  (more on that later)  It was our first time to Disney and we were beside ourselves with excitement!

Our big kids rode every roller coaster in 3 theme parks and have not stopped talking about and making lists of what their favorite rides were.  We also took my mom on vacation with us, which was awesome.  I just loved getting to spend so much time with her.

We spent two days at Magic Kingdom, and one day each at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Sea World.  Last night, I uploaded all of the pictures I took from our trip and realized that I took over 400 photos- I just couldn't help myself.  I wanted to capture how much fun the kids were having.  Everyone always said that Disney is magical- but I didn't realize just how incredible it would be until I experienced it for myself.  Now I can't wait to go back!   

I think we picked the right time of year to go- it wasn't too crowded and we never had to wait in line more than 20 minutes for anything.  Our kids woke up this morning bouncing off the walls because they couldn't wait to go to school and talk about their trip during sharing time.  I think I'm going to pretend that I'm at school and share with you!

We totally got photo bombed by that guy behind Sadie and Kamron on Splash Mountain!

I think I've now seen enough 3-D shows to last me a lifetime

Kamron looks like he's going to take that fist, turn sideways, and clock Mickey in the jaw.

I love my mom.  Also, Lord, please let me age as well as my mother.
Dance party with Goofy

Apparently, fighting the evil emperor Zurg is very stressful for Noah

Sadie got to introduce The Little Mermaid show!

Meeting Lightning McQueen is the highlight of Miles' life. 
 He doesn't go anywhere without his little McQueen car.


Noah has a major map obsession.
It's hard work shutting down the park!

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